E3 2011: Sony Display Tries to Usher in 3D

on June 6, 2011 8:51 PM

Sony hasn’t been subtle about 3D. They want you to play their games in three dimensions, and they’re pushing it hard.

The problem is that 3D TV’s aren’t in many living rooms – yet. Sony wants to change that with their own display.

This fall, Sony will release their own 24-inch PlayStation branded display. It will come with a pair of 3D glasses, a 6 foot HDMI cable, and a copy of Resistance 3 (which plays in 3D). The package will costs you $499.

The display allows for two players to see separate images – perfect for co-op and multiplayer. That second pair of glasses will run you $69.99.

Will it really push 3D forward? Only time will tell.