E3 2011: Sony’s Press Conference Set to be a 5 Hour Extravaganza

As unbelievable as it sounds, the invites for Sony’s press conference that went out earlier this week indicated that its going to be a 5 hour show. Right off the bat let’s just say that if you even think Sony has 5 hours worth of stuff to talk about, I’d call you a damn fool. For weeks prior we here at the site had been speculating as to just what Sony had up it’s sleeve considering we knew it would be taking place at the former Los Angeles Colleseum. Last year, Activison spared no expense shmoozing show-goers with a 4 hour concert at the Staples Center featuring musical acts like Usher, Janes Addiction, Chris Cornell and Eminem. Knowing that Sony pretty much owns two thirds of the recording industry I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll be pulling off something similar (it is a Football stadium after all).

With that said here’s a breakdown of how we think things will play out.

  • 20 minutes apologizing for PSN
  • 20 mintues of NGP
  • 20 mintues of new PS3 games and services
  • 180 minutes of music and alcohol, in hopes that we forget this whole PSN thing ever happened.

How do you think it will go down? Let us know in the comments section!

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