E3 2011: The Walking Dead Game Won’t Star Rick, Features a New Story

on June 9, 2011 2:00 PM

Not much information has been made public regarding TellTale’s game based on The Walking Dead, but with Season 2 of the TV show ready to start up this fall on AMC and news starting to roll out for that this is a great time to get some information out there. At this time we still don’t have much to go on as far as the gameplay goes, but we do know one thing; it won’t be re-telling the story from the comics (or for that matter the TV series).

Rather than showing Rick’s story again, the game will focus on a new character named Lee Everett, a criminal who is “freed” from his police escort during a zombie attack. Along the way he comes across seven year-old Clementine. As Rick is trying to get into Atlanta at the beginning of the comic series, Lee is trying to get out.

What this means is that Lee could potentially come across members of Rick’s group (and maybe even Rick himself at one point), but his story isn’t reliant on the things that happen to them. I think this is actually a pretty smart move, as it opens TellTale up to a lot of freedom with what they want to do. I look forward to seeing more on the game, but for now there are some pieces of concept art waiting after the break.

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