E3 2011: THQ Bringing Their uDraw Tablet to PS3, 360, Will Be Shown at E3

E3 2011: THQ Bringing Their uDraw Tablet to PS3, 360, Will Be Shown at E3

Are you an aspiring artist with a game console? Do you not have the ability or the morality (or lack thereof) to crack a copy of Photoshop? Then THQ’s uDraw tablet is for you. It’s (what looks like) a high-quality tablet, but it’ll only work on your console with uDraw software, like their uDraw Studio: Instant Artist program, which they say includes good tutorials for various artistic techniques, while being powerful enough for more complex jobs. I doubt it will be as precise as the computer with Photoshop option, but it could serve as a good “my first tablet” sort of thing, especially for kids.

The uDraw was previously Wii-exclusive, only used for games like a Pictionary port and Spongebob Squigglepants, but it looks like they want to stress it as an artistic tool once it hits 360 and PS3 this November.

They’ve also announced artistic demonstrations at their E3 booth. Hit the jump for more details on that.

At their “uDraw Studio” at E3, THQ will be showing several renowned artists creating works using the tablet, including:

  • Joe Madureira (Uncanny X-Men, Creative Director at Vigil)
  • Autumn de Forest (9-year-old abstract expressionist)
  • Mitch Schauer (Creator of Freakazoid! and Angry Beavers)
  • Eyeone (graffiti artist, member of the Seeking Heaven crew)
  • Lil Lucky (graphic designer with Mister Cartoon, art director of Joker Brand Clothing)
  • Ponti (founder of LA’s Art Rebel charity group)

And many, many more. Seriously, there are a ton of dudes showing up for this thing.

Wish I could attend E3 and check them out; a lot of those artists are really talented.

The uDraw GameTablet for 360 and PS3 is set to release this November.