E3 2011: Too Socially Awkward To Play Sims Social

on June 6, 2011 4:19 PM

In their live E3 conference, EA just announced the Sims Social, a game that looks so socially awkward that only my ex college roommate would be qualified to play, as he asked out his girlfriend by relationship requesting her over Facebook. As much as I disliked him when we lived together, I dislike this game even more, as it’s trying way too hard to take on Farmville and all those other fun Facebook apps.

It’s actually a little embarrassing for EA to use The Sims franchise this way. While gamers are generally a socially awkward bunch, I don’t think we’re that bad that we need to make red hearts come out a shower to pretend we’re getting the holy grail otherwise known as sex. It’s a sad day that this was announced and a little condescending really, I’m pretty sure most of us are capable of talking to women/men outside of the realm of a virtual world. Really, we have MMO’s for that. There’s no need to use our Facebook feeds to simulate real life, the internet is already an addictive place as it is.

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