E3 2011: Turtle Beach Releases Two New Gaming Headsets to Their Line-Up

By Tyler Christensen

June 7, 2011

Turtle Beach announced today that they will releasing two new gaming headsets (the XP500 and the XL1) to their list of Xbox 360 headset that will be perfect for your gaming endeavors. Let’s begin with the Ear Force XP500 Programmable Wireless Gaming Headset. Equipped with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound and Bluetooth Chat with programmable custom presets for customizatio. The dual-paring Bluetooth functionality of the XP500’s allows the headset to answer mobile phone calls as well as stream music from Bluetooth enabled digital audio players. Those of you who are still rocking the PX5, you’ll be able to purchase the XBA adapter from off of the Turtle Beach website, which will allow you to upgrade to full wireless Xbox LIVE chat. The XP500 will be available this Fall for $269.95.

Now, let’s talk about the Ear Force XL1; equipped with an in-line amplifier featuring a built-in bass boost and independent controls for the game and chat volume. The XL1 is a perfect affordable gaming headset for the casual gamer who isn’t looking to burn a hole in their pocket. Becoming available this Fall, XL1 gaming headset will cost you $39.95.

After the break, you’ll find screenshots of Turtle Beach’s new headsets as well as detailed key features.Key features for the XP500 gaming headset include the following:

  • Customizable Presets: Configure up to 18 personalized presets to optimize game, chat, and microphone audio for different gaming situations.  Download the Advanced Sound Editor software and make your own presets, or simply upload any of the numerous custom files posted on the Turtle Beach website.
  • Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound: Immersive 360 degree audio lets you hear the direction of every sound as if you were playing with speakers all around you
  • Digital RF Wireless Game Sound: Uncompressed wireless digital audio signal delivers CD-quality game sound that rivals professional grade wired headphones
  • Xbox Chat Adapter (XBA): For the first time, play XBOX 360 games untethered and chat without any wires using Bluetooth technology!
  • Dynamic Chat Boost: Chat level increases automatically as the game volume gets louder, so you can always hear the voices of other players
  • Microphone Monitoring: Lets you hear your voice in the headset, so you won’t need to shout to hear yourself
  • Sonic Silencers: Enjoy total silence by eliminating ambient noise pickup on your mic and cutting background noise from PSN or XBOX LIVE chat sound
  • Sonic Lens with Sound Field Expander: Widen or narrow the sound field to focus on difficult to hear audio cues like footsteps sneaking up on you or the clicks of someone reloading in the distance
  • Intuitive Voice Prompts: A real voice announces critical headset status conditions, such a low battery, preset numbers and more
  • Ear Guard with Blast Limiter: Limit the intensity of deafening games sounds such as explosions and gunfire to reduce ear fatigue during long gaming sessions
  • PS3 and XBOX 360 Compatible: Delivers the ultimate gaming experience with PS3 and XBOX 360 consoles
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