E3 2012: Hands-On Preview DC Universe Online Fourth DLC Pack, The Last Laugh

By Megan Smith

June 11, 2012

At E3, the action MMORPG DC Universe Online had booths set up in the Sony Online Entertainment area along with games like EverQuest 2, Planetside 2, and Wizardry. I got to watch and play several of the demos, learning more about the latest updates and newest features that will be coming out soon.

The Last Laugh will be the fourth DLC pack that will be available for DC Universe Online on June 19th. This expansion will focus a great deal on PvP in contrast to the last three expansions that focused more of PvE. The story behind the new addition is all thanks to the Joker, who grew tired of super heroes and villains working together in order to stop Brainiac. Releasing the security codes to all the safe houses to the public, the Joker sits back and watches the chaos with delight.

I got a chance to actually sit down and speak with creative director, Jens Andersen, who also directs the voiceover talent for the game. While playing a duo together, he even confessed that he does a bit of voice acting of his own playing the iconic super villain, Gorilla Grodd. With controllers in our hands, we ran through one of the new duos.

In it, random heroes or villains, depending on which side your own, will pop up out of nowhere and try to stop you from accomplishing your mission. Playing on the hero side, I was attacked by the likes of Killer Croc, Killer Frost, Professor Zoom, and even Gorilla Grodd himself. Making a joke, Andersen laughed that the oversized ape’s taunts didn’t work on him.

The hero I played was decked out in new armor for the demo’s sake of not getting beaten into a bloody pulp, and one of the new weapons that will be available called the Shield. With it, you’re able to block, counter, toss it at, and bash your enemies with combinations of heavy and light attacks that don’t necessarily have to be chained like other melee weapons. You can spam your attacks without having to stop.

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The amount of teamwork necessary to quickly complete the new instanced areas will also increase. For example, in the demonstration, there were barrels that needed to be taken to a drop point. This is a common quest for the game, but there was a bit of a catch. Someone carrying a barrel could not pass a certain point, forcing the player to throw it to another teammate in order to complete the objective.

I was also thrilled to know that Mark Hamill has also returned as the Joker, despite rumors saying that his portrayal of the character in Batman: Arkham City would be his last performance. When I asked if he would continue with the MMORPG for future updates, Andersen said that it might be a case by case basis. Sony will contact Hamill when needed and go from there.  Below are some of the latest screenshots to the update.

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