E3 2012: Interview With Kim Swift Provides A Quantum Conundrum

E3 2012: Interview With Kim Swift Provides A Quantum Conundrum

Amongst the storm of news post-E3, Robert Peeler, Comunity Manager for Square Enix, released an interview with Kim Swift, the creator of Quantum Conundrum. The conversation focused primarily on the game itself, but towards the end did stray to managing relationships in a video-game development company. According to Kim, Square Enix has been remarkably helpful in their partnership. She noted in particular how they often helped with feedback for the game, quality assurance, and marketing, and that the relationship has been very beneficial to the development of Quantum Conundrum.

As for the game itself, Robert Peeler asked,

First, I just want to ask you about some of the hardcore challenges that you guys have prepared to test the mettle of hardcore platformers.

In answer, Kim Swift commented upon the interactive aspect of the game, which is primarily expressed via the leaderboards system explained below:

Yeah, so we actually have challenges and leaderboards in our game, so every map that you play through has… it’s keeping track of the number of times you shift dimensions, as well as how long it takes you to play through a level from start to finish, so you can challenge your friends to see who gets the best time on a particular map.

Following this, it was revealed that John de Lancie of Star Trek fame will be playing the Professor in Quantum Conundrum. Kim Swift then detailed how it was a happy coincidence that he happened upon the cast; essentially, a coworker randomly thought of his name during a brainstorming session for voice actors, and the suggestion ended up being perfect. Along with a little bit of service for Star Trek fans, the game will have a powerful physics engine and plenty of puzzles with a wide variety of difficulties for gamers to solve.

Interested in watching the interview yourself? You can see the whole clip below and decide for yourself whether or not Quantum Conundrum will be scrambling your brains when it comes out.