E3 2012: Madden 2013 Introduces New Physics Engine

on June 4, 2012 4:33 PM

EA introduced Madden 13 with a video of Ray Lewis asking “How will you be remembered?”

Madden 13 uses a new physics engine called the infinity engine. The engine allows for more animations, which means that no two plays will look the same. The game will feature collision detection on a scale that has players being controlled react to how they make contact with other players on the field. If an arm is hit then that player will lose balance. If a foot is hit that player has a chance of tripping and falling.

These collisions can have an effect on the outcome of the game. Even player sizes are taken into consideration forcing smaller players to use their speed to not get hit by bigger players. The game will also allow players to regain their balance after collision.

A new Connected Career mode will be introduced in this game that allows social integration with your league, gameplay progression, and a unique storyline. The mode will simulate what it is like to play a career, create a legacy, and work toward a spot in the Hall of Fame. Micheal Irwin spoke from experience that they best way to reach the top is to accomplish on small goal after another.

E3 2012: Madden 2013 Introduces New Physics Engine

Gamer’s progress is tracked in a career checklist and players gain xp and can have their abilities upgraded akin to an RPG. By increasing a legacy score a player increases their chances of working their way into the Hall of Fame. Gamer’s can then choose to retire that player and start a new player without having to restart the entire league. The mode will also contain its own virtual Twitter feed that talks about created players.

Gamer’s will be able to manage their teams on a PC, tablet, or smart phone. Madden fans have something to look forward to with the capability of being connected to their team at all times.

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