E3 2012: Medal of Honor Takes A Shot At The Topical With Warfighter

on June 4, 2012 4:49 PM

EA today announced that their next Medal of Honor installment, Warfighter, will feature missions that take place in current global hotspots. At their E3 exhibition, EA showed off a new mission that takes place in Somalia, as troops engage and raid a pirate structure. The demonstration lasted a while, showing off first-person human and remote robotic warfighter gameplay. The trailer some unique single-player underground segments as well.

Not to leave their Multiplayer facet neglected, they also announced that Warfighter will feature twelve Tier-1 troops from ten countries, including Russian Spetznaz, Polish GROM, British SAS and the home-grown Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta as well as the Navy Seal team. Fans will be able to join the global battle on October 23.

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