E3 2012: Nike+ Kinect Training Announced

E3 2012: Nike+ Kinect Training Announced

Nike approached the stage during the Microsoft Press Conference. They talked about how they work together with the greatest athletes and provide them the best information to improve their performance.

Nike began bringing this same training to everyone with the creation of Nike+ Running and the more recent Nike Fuel. Nike also allows everyone to compete with each other and compare their performance with other athletes.



Nike is now teaming up with Microsoft to bring the same training tools to the Kinect for everyone else. Nike+ Kinect Training will provide the same assessment, feedback, and methods provided to all professional athletes. Nike+ Kinect Training will give all users a personalized experience to make them into an athlete fit condition. Users can receive phone reminders about working out, have their workout reassessed based on growth and development, and find others to compete and train with.

Nike+ Kinect Training will be released Holiday 2012.