E3 2012: OnLive Bringing Out New Features

E3 2012: OnLive Bringing Out New Features

This year at E3, OnLive has made several announcements about some of the new things on the way for OnLive gaming.

It has been two years since the launch of OnLive and the service has reached millions of subscribers online while providing almost 300 different games to choose from. The service has expanded from computers to TVs, tablets, and smartphones through various wired and wireless connections.

At E3 new features announced are:

  • LG’s Smart TV with Google TV will have the OnLive Gaming Service that will allow gamers to play right from their TV and will support 3D gaming compatible titles.
  • OnLive is coming to computer browsers allowing the ability to launch a game with a simple URL and uses standard web technology. Gamers will also have access to multiplayer, voice chat, and MultiView. Coming down the pipeline is the ability to launch from other devices’ browsers.
  • OnLive gamers will have the ability to watch three other gamers play while they are in the middle of a game via MultiView. This will allow for teams to be on top of their teammates and set up tactics accordingly. MultiView is currently in closed beta but there are many possibilities for team play.
  • Some of the games coming out on OnLive are London 2012, Ravaged, Darksiders II, Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods & Kings, and many more.

It is surprising how far OnLive has grown and it will be exciting to see where the service will go.