E3 2012: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Interview Published

E3 2012: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Interview Published

Robert Peeler, the Community Manager for Square Enix, strikes again in an interview with Raio Mitsuno, Associate Product Manager of Square Enix. This time, the interview focuses on Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, an intriguing take on the series that will be exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. The game has a cutesy art-style, or, as Raio Mitsuno described it, “chibi”. He goes on to say that this style was chosen so that all of the characters from Final Fantasy I-XIV can appear in the same game without looking disjointed, given that many of the cast members exist in a different timeline depending on which game they’re from.

On the gameplay itself, Robert Peeler asks,

Can you tell us how this game works and what makes it different from other titles?

Raio Mitsuno goes on to describe the many modes of the game, ranging from casual rhythm levels to hardcore. He also describes the basic mechanics, which make Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy unique in this genre:

What’s great about this game is that it’s kind of two genres in one. On the first layer, you have your rhythm game, uh, extensive library of tracks from Final Fantasy that you can play in three different musical game modes, but underneath that layer is this entire FF customization. What you think of as Final Fantasy is actually in this game. All of the characters have stats; agility, luck, magic, attack… As you play, your characters level up and get new abilities. They actually help you in each of the game modes.

If you’re looking for a fun, creative rhythm game, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is one to keep an eye on. From the interview alone, it’s clear that the game has a broad sweep of features that include customization, classic RPG elements, rhythm game challenges, and a means by which both casual and hardcore players to enjoy themselves. To see the interview for yourself, click the video below.