E3 2013: CD Projekt RED on DRM: “Won’t Punish Any Gamers” for the Platform They Choose

E3 2013: CD Projekt RED on DRM: “Won’t Punish Any Gamers” for the Platform They Choose

CD Projekt RED, the the company behind The Witcher franchise, is known far and wide for their stance against DRM, especially on the PC, where they have an entire distribution service, GOG.com, that supplies DRM-free PC games to its customers. In an interview with Joystiq, the company’s co-founder, Marcin Iwiński, discussed their stance on DRM in this coming console generation.

In the past, The Witcher titles haven’t come to consoles until well after they were released on PC, but now with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC at the same time, perhaps some questions have arisen based on their staunchly anti-DRM stance, given the fact that the Xbox One will basically be the epitome of pro-DRM policies on the entire planet.

To start with, I’ll get this out of the way for PC gamers, as Iwiński stated:

The thing that will not change will be PC and DRM-free.

But, the question arose – especially among their hardcore fans: Why exactly are you releasing the game on the Xbox One when the system stands for everything you, as a company, are against?

The answer is quite simple, in my personal opinion.

I just want to assure them that we are true to our values, and will not punish any gamers. At the same time, they can choose whatever they see fit.

So, to put it simply, CD Projekt RED is releasing The Witcher 3 on the Xbox One because they aren’t in the business of punishing gamers for the platform they choose. I wholeheartedly support this line of thinking. Regardless my feelings on the consoles and the mindsets of their respective companies, it’s all about getting the games into the hands of gamers, not about which platform is “right” or “wrong” on which to release a game. Kudos to CD Project RED for their awesome and balanced stances on things that seem to divide the gaming community.