E3 2013: Sony Officially Unveils the PS4’s Price

E3 2013: Sony Officially Unveils the PS4’s Price

While Microsoft fired the first shot of the next generation pricing war with a MSRP of $499, Sony just responded in kind by officially unveiling the price point of the PS4. The upcoming console from the Japanese consumer electronics giant will be priced at $399 (€399 in Europe and £349 in the UK), a hundred bucks lower than the Xbox One.

This creates a rather peculiar market scenario in which Sony’s console is actually cheaper than its most direct rival: a complete turnaround from the previous generation.

While I’m quite sure that many of those that already had their sights set on either console due to brand loyalty won’t change their minds because of  the price point, this is definitely a lot different compared to what many expected.

This holiday season is going to be interesting, even more so due to the open (and actually rather cheeky) stance against DRM taken by Sony just before the console’s price was announced. If there’s anything in the history of gaming that can be easily defined as a one-two punch, this is it.

One thing is for sure: this time around the applause wasn’t coming from the back of the room.

Update: below you can see the one-two punch with your own eyes, courtesy of the good folks at GamesHQMedia.

Update 2: Sony just released the official fact sheet and beauty shots for the console, and the full recording of the press conference, if you happened to miss it. We also learned that the PS4 will be region free.