E3 2014: DualShockers Staff Predictions

E3 2014: DualShockers Staff Predictions

In just a few short days we’ll be in the midst of the video game industry’s biggest and most important event: The Electronic Entertainment Expo. This is the time of year that gamers from around the world wait for because of all of the bombshells and announcements which are made.

This E3 is especially interesting considering that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been in people’s homes for months now. Gamers will look forward to seeing what new titles these systems will have and if any of them can be considered truly “next-gen”. Nintendo shouldn’t be counted out as they will no doubt have to bring the heat in order to compete with the big boys of Microsoft and Sony. In addition, third party developers will also be bringing their A-game to the convention.

So without further delay (pun intended), let’s get into what the DualShockers staff predicts will happen at this year’s E3.

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Yaris Gutierrez – Co Founder & Editor in Chief

The next generation, having just launched not to long ago, is still in its infancy. With months of dissection from the gaming community, each console — more the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, respectively — has been placed under a glaring microscope in an attempt to evaluate their technical ability to deliver a true next-gen experience.

After their initial announcement of the PS4 during last year’s E3, Sony has been able to maintain a great level of momentum that does not seem to be dissipating any time soon. They launched a next generation console at a price point that startled existing fans and lured in new ones. Without question, Sony went on stage and took back the throne they once held in minutes, promising their focus to be solely on providing the very thing that gamers really care about: games. Excitement ensued and Sony began a campaign that has bolstered their brand and, most importantly, their console.

So how will Sony continue to excite gamers and maintain the drive they have going? They will continue to focus their energy on games. Without a single doubt in my mind, I do think that they will touch on Project Morpheus — their prototype virtual reality (VR) headset aimed to work with the PS4 — but notice how I emphasized the word “prototype.” As it is still in its early stages, I don’t think that Sony will make this show about a device that is still under initial development. Rather, they will bombard the show with a plethora of games and how those games will be accessible in the future. I believe we will definitely see Uncharted 4, maybe a glimpse of what Santa Monica is working on, a snippet of what Guerrilla Games is working on (even though we may have been told otherwise), Kingdom Hearts 3 (yep — I said it), and other titles both from first-party and third-party studios.

But what this show can potentially be about is PlayStation Now — the streaming service based on cloud-based technology that aims to bring games on-demand on both the PS3 and PS4. The system is still in beta, but I have a feeling that they will announce a launch date with the possibility of the service making its way onto the Vita. As this console is “for the gamers,” I can’t see Sony going away from increasing their library of games and how they’re accessed. While I do think that third-party games will make their rounds on their console, the one thing that Sony has always been known for — and has pretty much dominated since their inception — is their exclusivity; and that’s what I think they will focus on in the long-term as it has rained success on them these previous generations.

Now, Microsoft has had a rocky start. The Xbox One, unfortunately, didn’t have the strong start that its predecessor had. While the console did show a profusion of technological achievements in how users interact with it, a lot of people felt that there was a disparity — a disconnect, even — with how Microsoft engaged the gaming community. All of that, however, has changed. With Phil Spencer now at the helm, there has been a dynamic shift that could undoubtedly be felt in the industry and the direction that Microsoft is now steering toward.

microsoft e3 stage

Let’s take a look at Kinect. A peripheral thought to be needed by Microsoft’s next-gen system; and a peripheral that is now being offered as an option. What does that tell us? Well, that it isn’t really needed to play games, per se, and that it may have been a farce since its announcement. With the recent omission of the peripheral in new Xbox One SKU’s, it allowed Microsoft to shave off the price of the Xbox One to bring it to the cost-effectiveness of the PS4, now garnishing a more prominent means of competition.

I believe Phil Spencer to be a smart man with the ability to lead the Xbox One to success. I think that being observant and understanding to the needs of gamers, he has been able to, so far, make adjustments to Xbox One’s strategy to ride side-by-side with the PS4 (removing the need to have “Gold” membership to use certain features, price drop, etc.), getting things back on an even playing field. One of the things I think Microsoft is going to focus on this E3 is the one thing they see to be working for Sony — and that’s giving gamers what they want: games and some more insight to the Xbox One’s technical potential, as it has been a fight in persuading certain people of what it can accomplish on the tech front.

Agreeing with Joel, I will say that there may some emphasis on SmartGlass — the companion application for Microsoft’s consoles. With Microsoft having Windows 8 devices, Windows 8 OS, tablets, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, I have a feeling that there may be plans to create an ecosystem that may potentially allow players to maybe stream games onto these devices and allow them to use their Xbox One controllers to interface/play with these games (the Xbox One controller just recently made its way as a fully supported peripheral on the Windows operating system). They’re on about “the cloud” quite a bit, and the only thing I can think of is providing a more synergistic approach to their devices to diversify the experience. As of now, users are able to manage things like their TVs, view game stats and send messages to friends on Xbox Live. Right now — Sony, Apple, etc — are focusing on establishing an ecosystem that will allow people to experience a cohesive means with how devices harmoniously work together. It is the way the world is moving and the cloud offers this — that is what it’s about. And I can’t see Microsoft falling behind when they are already playing catch-up.

Nintendo… sigh. A company that has some of the best first-party franchises in gaming, yet falls behind due to lack of third-party support. We can expect some news on a new Legend of Zelda, some additional information on Super Smash Bros, X, and Bayonetta. While the lineup for some may look strong and for others grim, there is one thing I think that Nintendo has under their sleeves.

The one thing that Nintendo is known for is dominating the handheld market. Speculation adheres to an unveiling of the 3D’s heir — which is something I can see happening. What it will be, no one knows. But I am sure that hardware of some sort will be unveiled.

As much as people may think that the Wii U is dying a slow death, I think Nintendo will try their best this time to rejuvenate the console. While it doesn’t have the shiny specifications that the PS4 and Xbox One have, the Wii U can definitely still hold its own. And the one thing that is crippling it is the lack of third-party games available for it, something I earnestly hope they tend to mend. Fans and gamers who appreciate the console have been practically begging Nintendo for some sustenance. While we all definitely appreciate and love a new Zelda game and a new [insert Nintendo first-party-title-here] game, it comes down to this: What happens after? Do we continue waiting for a new Nintendo first-party title every year? Or do they make the effort this time to bring out third-party titles to spark interest?

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Joel Taveras – Co Founder & Deputy Editor

Sony finds themselves in the driver seat for the first time in almost a decade at this years show. Since the house lights came back on at Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena at the end of the PlayStation press conference last year, the company has been on a public relations tear. Executives Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios and Mark Cerny, PS4 system architect, have since turned into glorified gaming industry rockstars, keeping the message behind the PlayStation 4 clear and concise: it’s for the gamers.

Since inFAMOUS: Second Son launched — and for quite some time before it did — the PS4 (and Xbox One, since Titanfall, respectively) has been in somewhat of a game release drought. The Order: 1886 has been pushed to 2015. Naughty Dog is playing musical chairs with its creative team, which tells us that Uncharted PS4 still has some time in the oven. And Guerrilla Games has yet to even reveal their (rumored) new IP which has me doubting that it will see the light of day anytime before 2016. So what’s left? Well for this year’s show, I predict Sony will do something that will shock us all: they will (finally) open their wallets.

For the first time — in a long time — the wind is in Sony’s sails. They need to use that momentum to keep that pressure on Microsoft — a company that has never had a problem “making it rain” on third party developers in the past. As much as Sony’s in-house teams bring the goods year in and year out, Sony needs to make it so that a handful of (highly sought after) third party experiences can only happen on PlayStation 4.

With Titanfall, Microsoft proved that the third party exclusive (if you throw enough money at it) is very much alive and well . This year, more than years prior, they will open that war chest. Under Phil Spencer’s new leadership, the Xbox team is fully aware that their focus has to be on games, primarily of the exclusive variety. And while they’ve now been able to match the PS4 on the pricing front, they will likely match it in (gaming related) features as well.

I’m predicting an increased emphasis on Xbox Smartglass, where Microsoft will enable pretty much anything with a screen to perform remote play capability with the Xbox One. With the Xbox One’s ability to apply firmware updates to their controllers, I can see Microsoft adding the functionality and using a “take your controller with you” approach. Perhaps even make it tether through USB to charge it as you play. Hell, they can even say it’s “using the power of the cloud” that they talk so much about.

Finally, I see Nintendo showing proof of concept of what the successor to the 3DS will be. The Wii U isn’t cutting it, and they know that. The handheld arena is where they dominate. With that in mind, like I mentioned in a podcast weeks ago, their next handheld will be a portable that doubles as a console. I’m thinking it comes with a “chromecast-like” HDMI stick that allows players stream to the big screen when they’re home, play as a portable when they’re not. The Wii U currently performs that task, just in reverse through the Gamepad controller. Maybe Nintendo was onto something the whole time, they were just sending it to the wrong screen? Either way, we’re sure to find out on Tuesday morning.


Allisa James – Reviews Editor

Sony: I think the major focus for Sony will be Project Morpheus, since that’s what Sony has been heavily investing in. If it fails, Sony will lose a lot of money so I expect they will be seriously pushing it, through both their conference and in booths. This would allow the media and general public to try out the headset (much like they did in GDC 2014). The Last of Us for PS4 will most likely be shown at E3, along with Uncharted 4 and The Order: 1886. Honestly I can’t imagine many other games being shown off, other than the two unannounced titles revealed in the Twitch TV broadcast schedule. Sony Bend might be showing something since they have a PS4 title in development.

The next God of War won’t be there, as Santa Monica stated on Twitter they wouldn’t be showing anything, and Guerrilla Games and Media Molecule won’t show anything either this year. And anyone holding out for The Last Guardian will be severely disappointed. Most likely Sony will show off smaller third-party games like what happened last year. Lastly, there’s also the heavily rumored Project Beast that we might see some footage of (or at least some new information).

MicrosoftHalo 5 will of course be extrapolated on, being the flagship series. Project Spark will most likely have a strong presence this year, just as it did last E3. Sunset Overdrive and Forza are also two givens for the press conference. I doubt we’ll get a mention of Gears of War this E3. Titanfall has a good chance of being shown, in terms of DLC at least, but definitely not the sequel. Microsoft supposedly spent no less than $1 Billion in Xbox One titles (according to a quote around this time last year) and according to the Twitch broadcast schedule, there will be about three unannounced titles shown at E3. Quantum Break won’t be talked about since it was confirmed that more info would be released at the upcoming Gamescon in Europe.

Nintendo: Nintendo of course won’t be doing a traditional press conference this year either, but we’ll definitely see and hear more news concerning Bayonetta 2Monolith’s XHyrule Warriors, a new Legend of Zelda title and Super Smash Bros. Here’s something interesting: Atlus is at E3 this year, which never happens normally. Their booth is also right beside Nintendo’s. Personally I think this strongly hints at a huge reveal for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. It was also announced that Nintendo would show four new titles on the Twitch broadcast schedule. Then there’s about an hour and 30 minutes that will be devoted to a new 3DS game to account for and Nintendo confirmed that they would delve more into NFC type games.

Pokken Fighters and Pokken Tournament were trademarked by both Nintendo America and Nintendo Europe, so hopefully we’ll be getting more information about that. Naturally Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be getting more gameplay trailers. Sonic Boom will definitely be getting more gameplay and information, while Fatal Frame for Wii U has a good chance of being shown.

Super Smash Bros - Mega Man v Mario

Tony Polanco – Staff Writer

As far as gamers are concerned THIS is the most wonderful time of the year. This is the time where every major gaming company under Earth’s atmosphere gathers at the Los Angeles Convention Center to show off their most important upcoming titles. To say that the Electronic Entertainment Expo is a big week for gaming would be a HUGE understatement.

Last year’s E3 was significant because it ushered in the current generation. While Sony and Microsoft had events showcasing their (then) new systems–the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (respectively)–prior to E3, it was at E3 where we really got to see what each system was potentially capable of. Now that the honeymoon is over and both consoles have been out for the greater part of a year, both companies will have to bring the heat big time if they wish to stay competitive–or better yet–defeat their competitors.

When it originally launched, the PlayStation 4’s biggest trump card was its price point of $399. This was THE big announcement at last year’s E3. This is no longer a weapon that they can wield since the Xbox One is also at that price point. To counter this, Sony is going to have to really push their exclusive games hard. I expect the big highlights to be Uncharted 4 and something from Sony Santa Monica (not God of War) and maybe Guerrilla Games. Expect a new IP or two from Sony’s big time AAA studios for sure.

A PS4/Vita bundle was recently listed on Amazon France and I believe that Sony will officially unveil it at their event. Let’s face it, the Vita has been struggling to make it into gamer’s homes so this bundle will be one way of doing just that. I see Sony touting the Vita as more of a peripheral to the PlayStation 4 rather than an autonomous system. We may see a few Vita games but I don’t think anything significant will be on display. Sony will do what it can to make the handheld more palatable to gamers and it will do it by making it a “must have” item to use in conjunction with the PlayStation 4.

While I think Sony will push their exclusive games, they will also dedicate time to Project Morpheus. Personally speaking, I think they’re wasting their time with VR technology but they’ve already invested too much into it and can’t back out of showing it at E3. I predict a few games exclusive to Morpheus that will highlight some of the peripheral’s features. I also see a few established games being shown off using Morpheus. Expect them to officially give this thing a proper name (unless they plan to have Lawrence Fishburne be the spokesperson for it).

Project-Morpheus 2

Microsoft had more of a game heavy presentation than Sony did last year and I see that happening again. They don’t have any VR to show and I seriously doubt the Kinect will get much, if any, stage time so it will be wall to wall games. I definitely see them rebranding the Xbox One as a gaming console and not just a multimedia machine. Phil Spencer has been doing some serious restructuring during his tenure and I really believe that he will keep true to his word when he says that the Xbox One will be a video game console above all else.

What kind of games will be shown during the Xbox event? Expect Halo 5: Guardians to be one of the big ones. I also see them showing off something new for Titanfall since that is THE game for the Xbox One at the moment. We may see a new Gears of War but don’t expect much more than a logo or a short CG trailer. I don’t see MS having too many big AAA exclusive showings so expect a lot of third-party devs on stage. It’ll be one of those deals where they make it seem as if the game is exclusive to Xbox One even though it isn’t.

As far as Nintendo is concerned, I don’t see them doing anything out of the ordinary for whatever it is that they’ll show. They won’t have a proper E3 presentation and will instead do something like a Nintendo Direct. We’ll see some new footage from Smash Bros for the Wii U and maybe get teaser trailers for other things. Donkey Kong? Legend of Zelda? Punch Out HD? Who knows?

Some of the others wrote a bit more than I did about Nintendo but quite frankly, I just don’t know what the hell the company is even thinking anymore. Like I said, I don’t expect much from them other than the usual fan pandering they do each year. At this point, the company doesn’t really seem to care for anyone outside of their core audience so they will cater all of their news to them. It sounds harsh but I’ve all but lost faith in this company.

As for the other big guys, Ubisoft and EA, I see them potentially having the best conferences. Why do I say that? Because they are easily the biggest third party developers outside of Activision (who never have a proper conference for some reason) and they have nothing to show BUT games. These companies have been itching to create next-gen games for the last couple of years and this year I think they’ll pull all of the stops out and show us some amazing things. More than even the Big Three, I think EA and Ubisoft will present us with the most new IPs which have the potential to make us wet our pants like Watch_Dogs did two years ago.

Assassins-Creed-Unity no watermark

Jorge Jimenez – Staff Writer

Ah E3.

Like Joel mentioned, Microsoft finds themselves for the first time in a long time playing catch up. Microsoft’s E3 campaign will most likely involve attempting to win over the hearts and minds of the undecided consumers who haven’t made the plunge into next-gen yet. This means almost no talk about the Kinect and we will probably see some exclusive third party goodies. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft and EA announced a Xbox One exclusive Star Wars game (fingers crossed for KOTOR 3). I bet we will see the Witcher 3 receiving the exclusive DLC treatment in the stage floor along with Call of Duty and Battlefield. Microsoft has to show as many games looking as great as possible in order to gain consumer confidence.

I foresee Sony going hard with Project Morpheus. Chances are we will get an actual name of the headset and a release window of 2015. The idea of a PS4/Vita bundle seems like something that could happen for the holiday. We will definitely see Uncharted 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3. Sony has the momentum so they can afford to take some time to talk about hardware as well as first party and indie games. I think Sony will be tooting their horn and taking slight jabs at Nintendo and Microsoft during the course of the show.

Nintendo will show off Super Smash Bros. with the reveal of a new character along with the announcement of a YouTube affiliate program because Nintendo just realized that people like to stream games on the internet. I think this will be a games over hardware E3 for them. The 3DS and 2DS will get a couple of new colors. We will finally get a Metroid or Legend of Zelda teaser trailer that will would absolutely kill as the finale to their show. My long shot is that they reveal an on-demand subscription service for classic NES/SNES/N64 games because that would make me tweek out.

The Division alley

Ryan Meitzler – Staff Writer

Once again, the biggest days of the gaming year are set to return triumphantly with E3 2014. For four days, gaming press will gather from high and low to butt heads, go to every possible corner of the Los Angeles Convention Center, and most of all, to uncover and report on some of the biggest gaming-related stories of the entire year. E3, deservedly, is “Christmas for gamers.”

Last year, E3 2013 was all about the introduction of the “next-gen.” We got a big look at the PS4 and Xbox One for the very first time. We got an understanding of what each system was capable of, both in terms of gaming and for other functionality. We got a clearer picture of where each of the Big Three stood in this generation, and more importantly, where they would be headed into the near future.

Fast-forward one year, and the game has changed for all of the platforms significantly. Sony has claimed a pretty heady victory so far into the beginning of the next-gen, and they’re certainly ready to toot their horn and wave their PS-logoed flag. Microsoft, after taking a whipping at least year’s conference, took off to a slightly rocky start, but has stabilized with a solid system, even if it made some pretty big sacrifices in getting there by removing the “required” Kinect 2.0 and cut the system down to $399. Likewise, Nintendo has been on a rollercoaster ride of its own with the struggling Wii U, but being bolstered by the continually strong 3DS/2DS.

For me, E3 2014 is going to be about the larger picture: last year we got our introduction to the new systems and what they could do, and this year’s conference will be about delivering on those initial promises. Given that it has only been a little more than six months since both consoles launched and we have already received big titles like Titanfall and inFAMOUS: Second Son, it puts a good light on what we can expect to come in the remainder of the year, especially when I look on the first year of the Xbox 360/PS3 and the particularly dry debut years both systems had, in terms of releasing quality games exclusive to each system.


There is as much to look forward to in this year’s show as there is to dread: given the large rash of delays that happened in the last few weeks for major titles getting bumped to 2015, we can probably expect a lot of brief teaser trailers and big reveals of titles that won’t come until way down the line. However, with the announcement of several titles prior to E3 (such as Far Cry 4Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, etc.) being a slight departure from the flashy reveals we expect from the show, it also gives a greater chance of actually getting to SEE the games in the flesh, rather than just a quick 30-second trailer that will be on YouTube within hours.

There’s a laundry list of titles that we know will be at E3 this year from every system and every developer imaginable, whether it is returning favorites like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Far Cry, Super Smash Bros, Uncharted, Halo, or newcomers like Sunset Overdrive, The Order: 1886, and the countless new IPs we will probably see come Monday. As much as Microsoft has its focus on extracurricular media capabilities with Xbox One, or Sony has its new platforms like Project Morpheus and PlayStation Now to coincide with the PlayStation Family, the games always have, and should, be the focus of the show, and though it’s still very early in the generation, I feel like there is plenty to be excited for.

Do I want to see more of some of my most-anticipated titles, like Star Wars: Battlefront, Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, Sunset Overdrive, and so many others? Absolutely. Do I hope for those incredibly magical (but highly unrealistic) moments that I wish to see, like Nintendo announcing a new 2D Metroid title for 3DS, or Sony’s (gasp) re-introduction of The Last Guardian on PS4? Without a doubt. Am I hoping on Monday that EA will show the world a new Mass Effect title? You bet I am!

Will they happen?

…most likely, no.

Or, at least it’s very, very hard to say at the moment. But that’s exactly what makes E3 exciting, and especially now. We’re coming off a console generation that lasted over eight years and counting. Franchises that kicked off the generation are now well into many numerous installments and sequels, and as much as the previous gen gave us in terms of new tech and new games, there are new consoles with so much more potential. For me, this E3 will be all about tapping into that potential: I’m ready to strap in and see the ride that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony will (hopefully) take us all on next week.

Uncharted 4 black

Dana Abercrombie – Staff Writer aka Ultimate Badass

It’s that time of the year again where fans are excluded and the press endures hours of kicking and screaming from fellow plane passengers to make the annual trip to E3.

Last year was the press conference that shook the world when Sony and Microsoft played the annual “my balls are bigger than yours.” Even though I was wrong about the ghost of Steve Jobs descending from the heavens laughing his ass off at Microsoft, I’m pretty sure he was laughing in heaven.

While Sony literally dropped the mic, Microsoft gave Pinocchio a run for his money and even though Nintendo had the ability to steal the show they came out swinging with as much effort as someone suffering from clinical depression.

So what will happen this year? I have no clue, my crystal ball isn’t working at the moment but here are my predictions.

Microsoft: Aside from the inevitable delayed games, Microsoft will be partaking in the lovely and humbling meal of eating crow. Now that the Xbone no longer needs the Kinect (the one equipment that made it unique) I’m not expecting anything spectacular from them aside from the games which have already been announced and leaked.

There is Mortal Kombat X (pronounced “Ecks” or “who cares let me just rip off someone’s skull”), Mirror’s Edge 2 and Final Fantasy 100 (seriously I lost count) to tickle our fancy with glorious spectacular graphics filled with glitches.

On the plus side we can expect more exclusives which is the best thing going for the company (Titanfall). Hopefully they will build up their inventory to come somewhat close to Sony’s. We can also expect games for the 360 (yes it’s still very much alive) to be announced but will look so bland it’ll make us want to buy the One.

SONY: Sony can still do no wrong. They need to continue doing what they did last year and cater to their fans. Just bring us the games we want and the games we didn’t think we need.

Nintendo: The Wii U sucks; yeah I said it and so are gamers since Nintendo’s sales are in the toilet. They need to focus on the 3DS which can possibly help save the company and stop making them a laugh-stocking. We will see Super Smash Bros. which brings “happy tears” to my eyes and Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire which will make the Poképeople proud. There will also be plenty of Wii U announcements for games that will make children happy and parents bored.

metal gear solid v the phantom pain screen

Thomas Luke – Staff Writer

Sony: We’ve been expecting the release of The Last of Us for PlayStation 4 for a while now although the release date has yet to be released.  A tweet earlier this week from UK retailer GAME suggests that we can expect its release within the same month as E3, so there’s a possibility we’ll get a “by the way it’s out this week” style announcement from Sony.

Microsoft: Phil Spencer’s statement that he wants to boost PC gaming, the revival of the Rise of Nations IP and a recent job ad pertaining to a much loved RTS. It all points to a new Rise of Nations in the works. Some fans have expressed doubts about a dumbed down console version of the RTS (Which never works well), but it could also be a straight up PC title. We’ve also had several rumors floating around pointing to a Halo collection, and with Halo 5 not due for release until next year, there’s definitely still room.

Nintendo: With Mario Kart 8 already out and Smash Bros on the way, Nintendo seems to have brought out two of its biggest guns. However, there’s still room for a new Mario title to be announced, and we also know that Nintendo is looking to release a new game that utilities their upcoming NFC figurine system. A Mario game with Skylanders elements seems more than likely.

Dragon Age Inquisition dragon

Crystal Mills – Staff Writer

I think there will be quite a few nice surprises at E3, despite the fact that the numerous delays have managed to discourage me. I do think this is Microsoft’s time to focus on games, and I think they’ve already made a good start by revealing their new TV apps before E3. I do, however, think they may highlight features such as the optimized-for-TV Twitter. Social networking integrated into a television experience is something they’re obviously excited about.

I think Sony’s main worry right now is competing with the Xbox One’s price drop, which means making their own price drop or offering more for our money. This is where the rumored PS4/Vita comes in, and I think we’ll definitely be hearing about it. Also, I think Sony will touch on PlayStation Now, especially since it should be officially launching this summer.

As far as particular games, everyone’s predicting Uncharted 4 and God of War. I think there’s a chance we could possibly see the return of Syphon Filter as well.

Nintendo probably has the most to prove out of all the other competition. They need to focus on their strong point: The 3DS. I think we’ll see lots of 3DS announcements, including Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. As far as Wii U announcements, I’m hoping desperately for a new major Legend of Zelda game. I’d also love to see a new Star Fox game considering we haven’t seen a major console release since Star Fox: Assault on the GameCube.

As far as other games go, EA has my interest considering they should have some nice content to work with. I want to see more of Dragon Age Inquisition, even if it’s just a short gameplay clip. They also need to reveal more about Star Wars: Battlefront as well as the next Mass Effect. I’m always ready for more Mass Effect!


Megan Smith – Staff Writer

To be honest, I didn’t follow E3 very much last year. There were a few games I was excited for, but not enough to garner my complete attention. At this year’s event, I’m happy to say that I’m amped for a lot of already announced games and I have a few sneaking suspicions of my own when it comes to what will surprise the pants off of us.

BioWare’s coming out with the new Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are going to also announce an additional new IP or update to an older one they haven’t touched in a few years such as Jade Empire.

While this may just be wishful thinking, I also believe that Square-Enix will surprise us with more than just surprise Kingdom Hearts news as well. While the next new Final Fantasy may be off the table, here’s to hoping they also breathe life back the otherwise abandoned Star Ocean.

Finally, I feel as if Wii U is due for more updates including a new Monster Hunter attempt for the system, another Harvest Moon, Mario Party, and some sort of sports game using the balance board. I’m also expecting to hear about some sort of gamer membership program to keep up with the other two major consoles.