E3 2018 Dreams -- I Want a Full Reveal & Demo of The Last of Us: Part II

The Last of Us Part II is scheduled to appear at Sony's E3 press conference next week, but I'm hoping for more than just a simple trailer.

I’ll just start off by being completely frank: I absolutely love The Last of Us. I, along with many other gamers, genuinely think it’s one of the greatest games of all time, and as someone who has played the game over 13 times across both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, I think I’ve earned the right to say that. Its heartbreaking story is something that I hadn’t experienced in any other game and, so far, the only game that has come close to it is the newest God of War. 

So obviously, the announcement of The Last of Us: Part II back in 2016 got me incredibly excited but, as expected, Naughty Dog has only released two teaser trailers that don’t show a lot from the upcoming third-person survival game. However, with the news that more of the game will be shown at E3 2018 next week, I’m hoping that we get a little bit more than just another trailer: in fact, I want a full-fledged gameplay demo of the title.

“I’m hoping that we get a little bit more than just another trailer.”

In 2012, Naughty Dog and (then) Sony Computer Entertainment America unveiled a five-to-six minute demo of The Last of Us to audiences during the PlayStation press conference at E3 2012. During the demo, we saw a ton from the game: its cover mechanics, shooting mechanics, enemies, graphics, and more. Essentially, I want to see the same thing this year for the sequel, considering that we know next to nothing about it, but there are a few elements from the game that I’m hoping to see over others.

While the section in The Last of Us (SPOILERS!!!!) that saw players take control of Ellie was absolutely fun and a nice change of pace, she was only a teenager at the time and that section really made it feel like that. Since we know that The Last of Us: Part II will focus on Ellie this time, I want to see exactly how it expands on her being a fully playable character. What skills has she picked up since the end of the last game? How has the world affected her since walking into Tommy’s camp? These are all questions that, while plot-related, could factor into the gameplay in a large degree.

Another feature I really hope to see is Joel’s role in the game. While fan theories are swirling about Joel’s status in The Last of Us universe, he was in the initial trailer, so we know that he’s in the game in some capacity. In my perfect world, I hope that Joel essentially acts like Ellie did in the first game: sticking to the sideline as much as possible and taking shots when need be. We didn’t get a good look at Joel’s face in the trailer, so maybe he’s old enough to where Ellie would have to protect him. Either way, if we don’t see any of Joel at the press conference, even if it’s just a trailer, it’s safe to say that I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

“Since we know that The Last of Us: Part II will focus on Ellie this time, I want to see exactly how it expands on her being a fully playable character.”

While Ellie and Joel were the main characters of The Last of Us, the game also featured a third main character, and while it may sound a bit cliche, it didn’t have any speaking lines: the weapons. Each and every weapon, whether it was a firearm or not, felt different from each other. Whether it was the amount of ammo, the damage it output, or the number of times you could use it before it broke, I can clearly remember how each and every one functioned because they were unique; no two weapons felt interchangeable with each other. I want this element to carry over into Part II and I want to see it in action in the demo.

While a full-blown demo might be out of the question for next week’s reveal, either way, I’m incredibly excited for the Sony’s press conference. Since the game is more than likely a few years out, I’ll take any look at the game that Naughty Dog provides. Of course, even if the legendary developer includes all those that I mentioned above, it obviously won’t answer all of my questions, including how newcomers Yara, Lev, Emily, and Laura Bailey’s unnamed character all factor into the story. Only time will tell what Naughty Dog has to offer.

As we near E3, what do you want to see the most at this year’s show? What’s your dream scenario? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Lastly, be sure to check out some of the other hopes and dreams for E3 2018 from the rest of the DualShockers writers.

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