E3 2019 General Attendee Badges Go on Sale in Early February

E3 2019 General Attendee Badges Go on Sale in Early February

Somehow it's already time to start talking about E3 2019.

How are we already reporting on this? It feels like it has been a blink of an eye since E3 2018 but somehow E3 2019 is already rapidly approaching. Time doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, since E3 2019 is now less than six months away, the ESA is already beginning to get the ball rolling. Today, it was announced that registration for the event will begin very soon. Starting next week on February 6, registration for industry passes will open up. The following week on February 12, that’s when general attendee badges–or Gamer Badges, as they are called–will start to go on sale. The first 1,000 badges sold will retail for $149 with everything afterward instead costing $249.

As someone who has gone to E3 a couple of times now, here’s my recommendation for you: don’t go to the show as a general attendee. If it’s something you were considering doing this year, then I would suggest otherwise, unless you’re native to Los Angeles. The cost of flying out to LA, staying in a hotel all week, and paying for this Gamer Badge is not worth it from everything I’ve seen. Unless the ESA drastically improves what it’s offering to general attendees in 2019 (which I highly doubt), the show as it is isn’t well-catered to the public. You’re much better off going to PAX East, West, or any other smaller conventions such as these which actually take into account fan attendance.

Of course, DualShockers will be at the E3 2019 as well so if you’d like to just take in the show from afar, we’ll have you set up with all the latest news, previews, and so on. Sony might be dropping out of E3 2019, but we’ll still be around which means the convention can’t be all bad.