Here is When E3 Will Officially Return in 2020

Here is When E3 Will Officially Return in 2020

With a number of major games on the horizon, E3 will once again return in June 2020 to bring all the big gaming surprises together.

With E3 2019 having now officially closed the books, the excitement and big reveals from the show are sure to carry us into the next year with plenty to look forward to in the coming year (and beyond). Despite the fact that E3 is already over, we can at least look forward to knowing when we can return to the Los Angeles Convention Center to do it all over it.

Following the end of E3 2019 this week, the ESA has officially revealed as attendees exited the convention center that E3 2020 will be taking place from June 9 – 11, 2020, putting it roughly in the same time frame (a year from now) as it was this year.

Given some of the circumstances around this year’s show, especially with some notable absences from major players like Sony and Activision, it has often been questioned whether E3 is still a viable industry show when more and more companies are opting for alternative ways to deliver news and announcements, such as Nintendo Directs or Sony’s State of Play broadcasts.

However, E3 2020 already seems like it’s set for another big year with a number of major titles that have been confirmed to be coming next year, including Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, and many more, along with the debut of Microsoft’s Project Scarlett and (presumably) Sony’s next console to ring in the next generation of games.

E3 2020 will take place from June 9 -11, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.