E3 Digital Event Reportedly A Mess And "Probably" Cancelled

Is this the end of E3?

January 17, 2022

The ESA recently revealed that E3 2022 would be not be taking place in a physical setting for the third year in a row, but now it’s looking like the digital event is “probably” cancelled too.

E3’s physical event cancellation comes due to the COVID-19 pandemic still having a strong impact on society, with the world gradually embracing the digital era more and more because of the deadly virus.

However, with so many publishers and developers opting to host their own digital showcases, the need for E3 has become questionable in recent years. Now it seems that there may not be an E3 event at all for 2022 as an insider claims that it is a “mess” and “probably cancelled”.

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E3 2022 Digital Event “Probably” Cancelled

The news comes from reliable insider Jeff Grubb who recently uploaded a short video to his YouTube account discussing the E3 cancellation.

As reiterated by Grubb in his video, the physical E3 event has already been cancelled by the ESA. However, he goes on to state that “digitally probably also cancelled”.

Grubb didn’t detail exactly why the digital E3 event for 2022 could be cancelled but did state that it’s going to be a “mess” and if it does go ahead, things will simply “limp” into E3 from other events such as Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest.

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It didn’t take long for Geoff Keighley to piggyback on the cancellation of E3 and confirm that the Summer Game Fest would be returning in 2022, with more details on the event coming soon.

So, although it’s looking like E3 won’t be present in any capacity for 2022, there’s still a lot to look forward to. According to Jeff Grubb, we’ve got the following events taking place throughout the year:

  • January 27th = Elder Scrolls Online Event/Expansion/DLC
  • February 22nd – 24th = DICE Summit
  • February 25th = Elden Ring Release
  • March 21st – 25th = Game Developer Conference
  • May 4th = Star Wars Day
  • May 26th – 29th = Star Wars Celebration
  • Spring = Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event
  • Spring = Final Fantasy XVI Trailers & Information
  • June = Summer Game Fest / Virtual E3 (maybe)
  • August = Gamescom

Of course, the physical cancellation of E3 for 2022 has been confirmed by the ESA but further details are yet to be shared. Take this information with a grain of salt until it’s made official.

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