E3 Lovin'

Ahh, E3. That magical time of year when one’s fancy turns to cosplayers. Normally it’s the booth babes that get all of the attention (and often too much of it). This year, however, a certain armor clad booth dude proved he had the look to steal a heart himself.

Witness what happens when one E3 attendie’s lust for Killzone action gets a little too personal, expressed in the poetry of Craiglist’s missed connections page.

“You were the tallest one of them all, armor clad and looking rather delicious. I don’t know- I suppose I have a bit of a costume fetish (and video game boys), but wow. You looked astounding in that gear. I can even begin to imagine what you’d look like without it, nor do I really care. All I am sure of is that I really want you. Seriously, haha. Costumed and masked- your identity is safe. Hell, I don’t care which Helghast soldier I get. I just want one of you.”

Someone with glowing red eyes and a gasmask is going to have an interesting night.

[Story via BoingBoing.net, photo photo via flickr’s ze_bear]

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