E3 May Not Return to Los Angeles Next Year

on June 9, 2012 3:28 PM

The Entertainment Software Association, the group that runs E3, raised a lot of eyebrows by not revealing the date or location of the next E3 at the end of this year’s as is traditionally done. People have been speculating on this for about a week now as the LA Times reported that the ESA was concerned with construction that will be going on at the neighboring stadium in its traditional Los Angeles location.

At the time it didn’t seem like much to be concerned over, but the lack of announcement of a date has certainly caused a fuss. A massive convention such as E3 with tens of thousands of guests requires a lot of planning and co-operation between organizers and city officials, hotels, and dozens of other services. With the amount of money that hosting E3 would pump into a city it wouldn’t be a surprise if other cities we’re calling up the ESA to try and get them to move.

As the convention is so massive planning will have to begin as soon as possible, meaning we’re likely to hear a confirmation of location and date soon, especially because we can expect new consoleĀ unveilingĀ at next year’s E3, which will make it all the larger. Who knows, maybe we’ll be going to Las Vegas next year!

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