EA Caves in To Button Mashers

EA Caves in To Button Mashers

I am a huge fan of DLC for any title, especially when it is free, but I look at the announcement of Fight Night Round 4 getting face button DLC as a cop-out. EA has announced that even though they worked very hard on their “Total Punch Control” system they will be releasing new content to nullify players from having to learn how to use these controls.

Following calls from fans critical of Fight Night Round 4’s current control options, EA is bringing a free alternative — and some other new content before that.

EA Sports announced two upcoming free releases of downloadable content for Fight Night Round 4 today. The first, slated for early August, will add a new gym, “new gameplay sliders” and new equipment plus an alternate version of Sugar Ray Leonard exclusive to the Xbox 360 version.

An early September release may be even more well-received as it will offer face-button control for all of Fight Night’s punches. That update, for PS3 and Xbox 360 will be free.

Yes the DLC will also bring some gameplay sliders, a new gym and a new skin of Sugar Ray, but most important is the face-button capabilities. This September release is pretty much to cater to those cry babies that just couldn’t understand how to use the analog sticks to throw punches. In essence what this new content will do is make the game accessible to button mashers of the world and simplify a strategic fighting game. I frown upon this as a gamer that enjoys strategy in fighting games as well as innovations in titles, but fully understand that EA is doing this in hopes to ship more units and have more people be able to purchase this title.

I would propose a petition to ban the face-button capability DLC or at least offer an option to turn it off online, as this will make the game harder and increase the difficulty for purists of the game. What will come next, perhaps some DLC to eliminate strumming in Rock Band or even some DLC to make reloading in Gears of War easier? Why must we kill creativity and innovation to cater to the masses?

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8 responses to “EA Caves in To Button Mashers”

  1. jay says:

    I find your article a bit ignorant,for starters I have this game,and do to a medical condition I had to stop playing the game,the motion of the Total Punch Control causes me a lot of pain,and damage to my nerves,something I do not deal with when I play round 3,do to its Face buttons control,and second the world does not revolve around a hand full or people,and others who pay their money for a game should have the option to play the game however they like.

  2. Al Zamora says:

    @ jay – sorry about your medical condition, I too suffer form Carpel Tunnel from years of gaming, so I understand. But your comment about ignorance is unfair, if EA were putting in button control for altruistic reasons like helping people play with disabilities that would be a different story. Fact is that they are putting in button control because players did not like or get used to the Total Control scheme. I do agree with your thought of paying for a game and getting options. My gripe is with the fact that this will change the dynamic of the game for everyone and unfortunately in this case the demographic you refer to with injuries and/or inabilities to play are the very minority. I do appreciate the feedback. Peace

  3. jay says:

    I do agree that my ignorance comment was way out of line,and I’m sorry for it,it was the heat of the moment,I”m sure you understand (you just proof that you’re not ignorant,and while EA is doing it for the wrong reasons,it is beneficial for people like me,who would not be able to play the best Boxing game out there.

  4. Al Zamora says:

    @ jay – thanks man and no worries. I like to have good conversations with gamers, especially those that have good solid points to back them up. I am happy this will make it more accessable to gamers that need it. Keep your feedback coming bud.

    P.S. I would encourage you to play the UFC game although the controls there are tougher than Fight Night.

  5. Trigga says:

    Sorry but I do agree with jays first post. I actually think your a bit of a moron tbh!! I have played all the fight night and ko kings games and they ALL included face button configs up untill fn4, so the fans are just asking to play the game the way they like to play it. You call them button mashers…why?? 90% of games out there use face buttons as there main interface. That’s like us calling you stick twitchers/fiddlers, have you even played the game online? It’s full of jab,cross, body punching spammers and a truelly awfull experience.

    Now I actually got used to the stick but in no way is it TOTAL punch control. How can they call it that when 30% of punches thrown are not the one that I intended to throw, funny how I rarely threw the wrong punch on fn3. So yes there are button mashers and yes there are stick mashers but on both accounts there are skillfully players that appreciate the sweet science of boxing and also play that way. As for a petition… dude seriously how old are you.

  6. Al Zamora says:

    @ Trigga – quite honestly your points may be valid but are nullified the second you resort to name calling, but I will still rebut. Because the old titles had button interfaces does not mean that newer versions need them as well, if that were the case then innovations in gameplay and controls would never develop. Putting in button controls will only make the punch spamming worse, so I fail to see how this will help. The comment of the petition is a bit of hyperbole, but it would give an option to players who want to compete on a level playing field, it is like having the ability to turn off Do Overs in Madden. Thanks for the comments.

    P.S. I have been gaming for 19+ years so that makes me kind of old. LOL

  7. NYGiants says:

    Al… you are an idiot.. Wow, you have been playing for 19 years… so that make you 23. Wow your an expert… hld on I’ve been gaming for 29yrs… I guess that makes be mor an expert then you.

    Check it out… TPC if grabbage… FN3 used it correctly… it’s not accurate and it doesn’t make boxing feel anymore real. if you want realism, turn off the video games and go to a boxing gym. if you want a fun game put the face button back in and program the game so neither TPC or FBC has and advantage.

    It seems to be EA rushed this game out cause of UFC 2009, which is almost as fun as FN3 and way better then FN4. and theses so called “free dlc” is nothing more but a patch.

  8. Al Zamora says:

    @ NYGiants – not sure y u are so angry at the world, but i didn’t call myself an expert, read my post. Your spelling is also impeccable. TPC although less accurate makes the game less of a button mashing experience, which was my point. I think EA did rush out the title and quite honestly so did THQ. Not sure why gamers get all angry and resort to name calling other than having a conversation, it’s because of this that people take gamers lightly.