EA Claims Madden 11 is the Best-Selling Game of August

EA Claims Madden 11 is the Best-Selling Game of August


While the NPD numbers are yet to be revealed, Madden 11 is apparently the best selling video game title for the month of August. Not a group to respond modestly to success, EA went on to release the following statement about the game:


“Madden NFL 11 is the number one selling game in August, and the game has created enormous enthusiasm in the online community, each day on consoles, fans are playing as many games online as the equivalent of 750 full NFL seasons.”

EA also claims that sales of Madden are up 5% over last year across all consoles, that more than 2 million games of Madden are played each day, and that more than 20% of players have at least tried the Online Team Play game mode. Remember what I said about modesty?

It doesn’t come as much of a shock that Madden 11 would claim the top spot for sales in August. The series has consistently been a best seller on consoles. The official NPD numbers will be in later this month, just in case you wanted to know just how much of EA’s gloating is factual.