EA Community Manager Daniel Lingen Tweets “#Skate4”

EA Community Manager Daniel Lingen Tweets “#Skate4”

Is Skate 4 finally happening? It’s hard to say, but EA’s Daniel Lingen, an EA senior manager for community engagement recently took to Twitter to tease (maybe) the game’s existence. It’s also possible he’s trolling the large and vocal fanbase that has been screaming for another Skate game for a few years now.

You can see the out-of-nowhere Tweet for yourself below, which was spotted by NeoGAF:

The Skate series hasn’t made an appearance since 2010, when Skate 3 launched onto Xbox 360 and PS3. Additionally, the studio behind the series, EA Black Box (formerly Radical Entertainment) was shut down in 2013 after a series of restructures by EA. However, it is possible EA has dished out the IP to another one of its developers, or again, it’s also possible Lingen is just trolling desperate Skate fans. Lastly, it’s also possible EA is trying to gauge demand, though it’s been quite obvious for a few years now that there is a sizable audience who wants another game in the series, so this last possibility is unlikely.

In other recent and related news, EA has added Skate 3 to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility catalog, as well as announced that it’s coming to EA Access.

Personally, do I want another Skate game? Sure, why not, but not as bad as I want another (good) Tony Hawk Pro Skater game.