EA Currently Biggest 360/PS3 Publisher

EA Currently Biggest 360/PS3 Publisher


According to EA’s Q2 financials they have become the biggest publisher on HD consoles. Their market share has grown to a respectable 25% and their losses have shrunken from 391 million to 201 million; a reduction by nearly 50%. How have they managed these impressive numbers?

Well, FIFA 11 has cleared 8 million units, Medal of Honor has cleared 2 million and Battlefield Bad Company 2 has cleared 6 million, just to name a few. Not one to play humble, EA of course released a statement.

“We had another strong quarter, beating expectations both top and bottom line,We credit our results to blockbusters like FIFA 11 and to innovative digital offerings like The Sims 3 Ambitions and Madden NFL 11 on the iPad.”

The Sims 3 and Madden 11 are two other high profile releases from EA.