EA Excited for the Future on All Platforms, Optimistic About Xbox One Exclusive Service EA Access

EA Excited for the Future on All Platforms, Optimistic About Xbox One Exclusive Service EA Access

Electronic Arts’ conference call for investors and analysts wrapped up a few minutes ago, and the publisher’s CEO Andrew Wilson expressed excitement about the future across all platforms:

Overall, the momentum that we’re seeing across different platforms gives us great reason to be excited for the future. On consoles, the installed base on Xbox One and PS4 continues to show strong growth, while new players joining on previous generation consoles are also tapping into our amazing IP catalog.

On mobile, innovative games are opening up new growth genres, with highly engaged players. On PC our Origin service continues to grow fiscal year to date, and offers exciting new ways to play.

Across all these platforms, live services are extending the experiences and bringing players deeper into the games they love.

Interestingly, at multiple points during the call, EA’s executives mentioned that the performance of old-gen consoles was beyond expectations during the Holidays quarter.

CFO Blake Jorgensen also gave more color on the performance of the Xbox One exclusive subscription service EA Access, that apparently is performing quite well:

EA Access, our subscription service for Xbox One, continues to grow, and we’re seeing subscribers play more games, engaging more broadly with EA’s offerings.

Further details were provided by Interactive Entertainment Business Division Vice-President Peter Moore:

EA Access continues to perform extremely well. I’m not giving numbers yet, and as you know it’s Xbox One exclusive, but we’re seeing significant increase, we’re seeing better positioning in the Xbox Live dashboard for the product.

I think gamers are seeing great value for money in the three legs of the stool that is EA access, obviously the early trial, the discounted elements of what we do in particular, and the ability to access the vault now, which continues to grow in its titles.

And we’re seeing significant playtime on EA access, as well as what we believe now as consumers buying games as they become available. […] I think we’re optimistic that that will continue to grow as we go into FY16 in particular, but a great start for EA Access.

Ultimately, the conference call was brimming with optimism across the board, which isn’t surprising considering that the publisher posted very strong results for the quarter ended on December 31st.