EA Explains Why Titanfall 2 Will Have Free DLC; Talks Future of the Franchise

EA Explains Why Titanfall 2 Will Have Free DLC; Talks Future of the Franchise

During Electronic Arts’ financial conference call related to the quarter ended on September 30th, CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen explained why the company opted to provide free DLC for Titanfall 2, and also gave more color on the future of the franchise.

Wilson started by talking about the feedback received on the decision:

“The feedback has been really really positive. If you go and look at the player conversations in the marketplace right now on Titanfall 2, it’s very very strong. Respawn, who are an amazing studio who built some of the greatest games over the last decade, have a real commitment, as do we, the company, and are looking to support, and drive and grow and nurture that community over a number of years. And the whole construct that has been put together is receiving really positive feedback from that community.

As we look more broadly at how that impacts other games, again, we have a big and diverse portfolio with a growing and diverse player base, and we’re always looking for the best way to offer amazing gameplay experiences with tremendous value to our player base, and we’ll always take feedback from our player base as to how we should think about things in a go-forward basis.”

Jorgensen added that the overall goal is to build a franchise and not to fragment the player base early.

“I think one thing to remember, it get lost on big Triple-A titles like Titanfall, is: we’re working with Respawn to build a franchise. This is something that we plan to be working with them for many many years to come. And there are huge opportunities inside that franchise to continue to expand.

So part of the strategy of building a franchise is you have a long view, you think about the business differently than you do with an existing franchise like a FIFA or a Madden, and what that means is we’re looking for ways to not fragment the player base early, but to include everybody as possible as we can to continue to build that franchise. We think that’s the right straregy for products like Titanfall.”

To a following question, Wilson talked more about the future of the franchise, and hinted to the fact that Titanfall 2 will receive support for a long time.

“On the Respawn element, again we have announced that we have a long-term relationship with them. We’re looking at a number of different things with them. As related to Titanfall 2, there is still a lot of things that they will be putting into the game for the foreseeable future.

One of the lessons that we have learned is that when you have a great game like Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1, giving them enough breathing room in the marketplace for fans to play for many years is really important, to delivering the true balue of that experience to fans as we did with Battlefield 4. Just a quarter ago we announced that we had eleven million people playing Battlefield 4.

So our expectation is that Respawn will continue to support and grow the Titanfall community through Titanfall 2, and over time we’ll work on what the right cadence for the next version of Titanfall is, and for any other titles they’re working on.”