EA Fires Back at Kotick

EA Fires Back at Kotick

Last week, I thought to myself, “Maybe one week of no Kotick news,” and here he comes nice and early in the morning back in our headlines. This time he’s on the receiving end, as EA isn’t sitting down quietly to remarks made by Kotick.

“Kotick’s relationship with studio talent is well documented in litigation,” Brown said, referring to Activision’s latest lawsuit with developer Infinity Ward over the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise and previously with Double Fine over Brutal Legend.

“His company is based on three game franchises – one is a fantastic persistent world he had nothing to do with; one is in steep decline; and the third is in the process of being destroyed by Kotick’s own hubris.”

To what is Jeff Brown, VP of communications, referring to? Well the fantastic one is WoW, the one in steep decline is Guitar Hero, and the one in process of being hit by Kotick laser beams is Call of Duty.

Let’s not forget the lawsuit with Infinity Ward, and EA has pretty much hit the nail on the head. Who knew our video game industry could turn into a daytime soap opera so quickly.