EA Introduces Flips To The Nintendo DS

EA Introduces Flips To The Nintendo DS

Personally, I’m an avid fan of reading the old school way. Not on parchment and ink, you bastards; On the old fashioned books that’s been used since forever. I’m not too keen on reading books on the train using an iTouch/iPhone, that Amazon Kindle thinger, or even on my laptop or computer – makes you look less appealing. I like the attention I get from girls when I’m reading a bible-sized book like Atlas Shrugged or the the biography of Che Guevara whilst riding the 4 train. Either they’re smiling because they think a guy reading a book that’s not The Cat in the Hat is cute, or they’re subconsciously thinking that I can’t pronounce, or understand, 99% of the words in them. Not only do I get smiles and winks, sadly from both men and women, but it also helps start conversation with random would-be sociopaths. If you’re reading your book on an iPhone, people are just going to think you’re trying to show off your futuristic gadget – and I know this because I was once one of those judgmental pricks.

I do like the newer forms of reading. But there’s nothing more attractive to me than being able to physically hold and smell the printed pages of a book. Not to mention that these damned devices have a battery life. Do you know how pissed I’ll be if I’m reading a suspenseful part of the book to have the thing, all of a sudden, turn off on me? I’d dunk the damn think in a toilet. And although I have my personal beliefs on choosing physical versus digital, I have to say that EA’s new FLIP is pretty cool.


The Nintendo DS title, which launches in the UK on December 4th, has each game containing multiple children’s books from writers such as Enid Blyton and Cathy Cassidy. This will probably be a must have for those moms who want to read to their little ones on the go and keep their kids entertained (because too much gaming on the DS will rot your minds, kids).

With EA bringing FLIPS to the DS, and Marvel and Sony working together to bring comics to the PSP, I’m am pretty sure that sooner or later, we’ll be seeing literary masterpieces like Don Quixote and The Catcher in the Rye make their way onto these handhelds. And they say that gaming devices don’t have an educational purpose… ha! Take that, you conservative bastards!