EA Origin Users Are Claiming Their Real Names are Being Publicly Shared

EA Origin Users Are Claiming Their Real Names are Being Publicly Shared

EA Origin users are claiming that the option to display their real name on their EA Origin profile has been automatically turned on.

Apparently, users are reporting that their real names are being shared without their consent on EA’s Origin launcher, with users claiming that the option to hide their real names has been automatically unticked, resulting in their real name being shown on their profile.

Since Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends stealth launched, and now Bioware’s Anthem there has no doubt been a rise in people using the EA Origin launcher to access their EA accounts and earning those sweet in-game achievements. However, there has been a bit of an issue arising according to several users regarding their privacy settings, however, it’s unclear if this is actually a fault on EA’s part, or the users part.

Of course, if this is an option being automatically flicked on for whatever reason, then users who wish to keep their real name hidden from the public and have no knowledge of the option being enabled will have their names publicly seen on their profile. A few users on 4gamers comments section claim that the option has been turned on without their knowledge.

This Reddit post also sees some users claiming the option has been turned on despite never visiting the page themselves, however, some others seem to say that it’s disabled, meaning only their username is showing on their profile.

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I’ve jumped onto my Origin account settings to check out the option for myself, knowing full well that for the past month of using Origin’s more frequently, I have had my username displayed on my profile. After checking the privacy options out, I can confirm that mine was unticked so my username was showing, and not my real name. I’ve also spoken with a writer here at DualShockers and she has confirmed that hers is also unticked.

I also reached out to EA Support and asked them if they were aware of such an issue, to which a live chat support operator said, “There is nothing as such, it is in your hand if you want to turn it on or not. EA or origin does not turn it on automatically” “Because we have to make sure that your account and your information are protected and secured, so we never make such changes to the account”

Personally, I feel as if this is just an issue with users creating an account and perhaps allowing the option at some point and then forgetting. I made a fake account using a throwaway email address and filled in all the form options, including the optional choice to enter my real name. I then went to the privacy settings and by default, the “Show my real name” is turned off, meaning you’d have to manually enable the feature should you want your full name shown.

If you are concerned about your real name being shown on your profile, you’ll be able to check your account out by visiting the Customer Portal‘s privacy section while logged into your account and find the option under, “Who can see my profile?”.