EA Pivoting Towards Player Engagement; Announces New EA Player Network

During Electronic Arts’ investor day,  Chief Marketing Officer Chris Bruzzo discussed a new gamer oriented network that the publisher is building.

When discussing why creating network solutions for player was important, Chris Bruzzo said the following:

“The dynamic environment for games today is incredible. The number of across platforms, across games, across geographies, even in different business models, is exploding. But that also creates a challenge, and that challenge is how do we make sense of it? How do players make sense of it?”

Chris went on to talk about how EA wants to create a valuable network for their players. He wants to take the share button from the PlayStation 4 and and similar features on Xbox One, and expand them into more than just taking a screenshot and sharing it online.

“We’re in an era now where social networks are not one size fit all. They’re really purpose built. We’re seeing purpose built networks come to the forefront. And that’s our intent here as well – to be that purpose built network for play.”

So what can EA bring to this supposed network? EA wants to bring great games, live service expertise and deep engagement between players. EA Player Network will allow players to socialize, create, consume and experience. The network will supposedly offer a greater experience than just the game they buy and keep players intrigued and engaged.

Bruzzo goes on to talk about features that EA are currently in the process of testing. EA Access on the Xbox One has been very successful for the publisher, and they have also seen success with the PC counterpart Origin Access. EA also wants to enhance the competitive gaming experience for players with their network.

“We really want to do three things. First, we want to unlock the full potential of play. We’ve got the beginnings of lots of things that are going right now, we’ve got to really deliver on that full potential and connect them in ways that we’re not yet today. The network has got to be indispensable, it’s got to feel better playing a game and engaging with the meta game inside the network. And third, we ultimately want to deliver value – this is all about delivering great value to players. The more that we can connect them to each other and the best next experience for them, whether that’s a game or a mode within the game, the more we create that incredible multiplier of engagement, of loyalty, of growth.”

Chris Bruzzo finishes up the talk by saying that now is a great time for Electronic Arts to start working on a network like this for their players. We do not yet know what features this network will have to draw players in, but by the sounds of it EA are very passionate about creating a new way for players to engage with each other. You can check out some slides of the presentation down below.

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