EA Announces Positive Play Charter and Commits to Tackling Toxicity

Over 3,500 player-generated assets have already been removed.

At the start of this month, EA became vocal in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement, stating that the company was donating as well as making changes internally. Then EA Sports announced that it would be taking steps to combat racist and toxic behavior in its games. Now, EA has announced Positive Play Charter.

Last year, EA held a Building Healthy Communities Summit that consisted of 200 Game Changers from over 20 countries and included teachers, parents, and players. The goal of this summit was for EA to understand how best to build a healthy community within its games.

Positive Play Charter is the outcome of that summit, an updated set of community guidelines with consequences for those who break those guidelines with racist, sexist, homophobic, and abusive acts in any EA games and channels. “If we see someone being offensive or abusive, we’re going to hold them responsible for their actions.”

EA is introducing new resources and tools to the current moderation and abuse reporting programs, and there’s a disciplinary policy in place. According to the statement, EA has “removed more than 3,500 player-generated assets from our games” in recent weeks and action has been taken against the players responsible. This apparently consists of inappropriate and hurtful names and language.

“We won’t tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, harassment or any form of abuse. We can build better, healthier communities inside – and outside – our games” the statement reads, and while EA acknowledges that this isn’t a quick fix, it’s also a long-term commitment that the company intends to continue.

The official EA website for Positive Play Charter details some specifics. Players are said to treat others as they wish to be treated, by not engaging in harmful behavior and being toxic. No cheating, player creations that are shared with the community must be appropriate, and players should follow the local laws in EA games and services.

To clarify on that last point, it specifically states players should not encourage or participate in; gambling, drug use, identity theft or fraud, phishing, “swatting,” doxxing, stalking, blackmail, extortion, or making personal or terrorist threats. Additionally, players should not be soliciting minors for sexual imagery or favors, sending minors unwanted sexual advances, sexually explicit photos, emails, or text messages, or harassment or violence targeted at a minor.

Consequences include restrictions on the player’s account and access to some or all EA services. The short-term ban is given to allow the player to reflect on their behavior. However, those who repeat their behavior, or take part in severe instances can result in the permanent termination of their account. This will also include all accounts if a player has more than one account.

Later today we’re expecting to see the EA Play Live event.

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