EA Prepping For Some Ass Kicking on Call of Duty

Electronic Arts is readying their platoon of developers with an arsenal of attitude. The reason? They have some beating up to do, and the target is none other than Activision’s idolized series, Call of Duty.

The gargantuan publisher has stated that it will be launching a “strong attack” against Activision and their trophy franchise Call of Duty.

“In March we will launch Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is our first strong attack on Call of Duty,” says European boss Jens Uwe Intat. “The shooter space is one we don’t want to give up. It’s an important genre and we were the number one. So we are certainly working on how we can get that crown back and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an important product in that context.

“… If any of our studios can take on Modern Warfare, then it’s DICE.”

Talk about trash talking… Jesus. Intat let out an explosion of smack talk on here. Given, at one point EA did hold the crown in FPS games when title like Medal of Honor were doing great things and only had about two or three releases. But after they decided to milk the franchise, everything went to hell, development was halted on the series, and Call of Duty sneaked in to snatch the crown.

Now, with Bad Company 2 looking sweeter than Willy Wonka’s chocolate river, EA is pushing to gain ground again and retake the helm. If you haven’t seen what the game looks like, just picture this: you walking into a room and witnessing the Victoria’s Secret models and Playboy bunnies having a wild orgy with all sorts of oversized and undersized dildos, whip cream, lube, and S&M swings. You will be awed at the graphics and gameplay.

It’s still too early to call any shots, personally, but EA is definitely confident that it will be fisting the Call of Duty franchise. With the current fanbase that the CoD series has, and the behemoth that it is, it’s going to take EA some hard work to stumble the reigning champ. Here, I’ll cross my fingers for those DICE folks. If they screw things up, it’s their asses.


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Yaris Gutierrez

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