Electronic Arts is Planning to Release an Unannounced HD Remaster in this Fiscal Year

Please EA, just give us the remastered Mass Effect trilogy we've been begging for.

May 5, 2020

Alongside announcing the latest player totals for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order today, Electronic Arts also looked ahead at the company’s current fiscal year and provided us with an idea of what it’s planning to release from now through March 2021.

Detailed in EA’s newest earnings slide, the publisher gave a look at what it plans to launch over the coming months. For now, only currently announced titles like Madden NFL 21FIFA 21, and Command & Conquer Remastered have specific release windows, but guidance on unannounced projects were given too. Of these yet-to-be-revealed titles, perhaps most the most interesting one comes in the form of what seems to be a remaster.

Designated as an “EA HD title,” the publisher has stated that it will be releasing a remastered game of some sort this fiscal year but hasn’t given a window or hint as to what it could be. Furthermore, platforms for this game have yet to be given either meaning that all modern devices, and even next-gen consoles, could be in play. Considering EA’s extensive history of games, it’s also hard to pinpoint just what this game could be, but there are some potential guesses we can make.

Seemingly for years at this point, fans have been begging EA and BioWare to remaster last generation’s beloved Mass Effect trilogy, though no such request has been granted yet. Of all games in Electronic Arts’ backlog, Mass Effect is surely the series that most want to see return in the form of a remaster.

However, there’s a good chance that this project could also be associated with the Skate franchise in some way. Earlier today, new rumors began circling that EA could be looking to bring Skate 3 to mobile platforms, but this claim hasn’t been substantiated as of this writing.

Whatever this mystery remaster ends up being, there’s a good chance we already know when we’ll hear more about it. EA Play is set to return again next month on June 11 and should provide an update on some of these currently unannounced games from Electronic Arts. Whenever these games end up getting revealed to the public, we’ll keep you posted.

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