EA Servers Back Online After EA Reports DDoS Attacks Left Users Offline For Over 10 Hours

If you're struggling to get onto your EA games, you're not alone.

EA appears to be experiencing an incredible server outage as all EA games that require an internet connection have been unplayable. EA was aware of the issues and was working to try and fix them, however, the problem appears to have been persisting since yesterday when EA Help claims to have suffered multiple DDoS attacks. The servers seem to be back up and running at the time of writing.

Yesterday, I wanted to jump onto Apex Legends to continue with the daily challenges that come with the game’s new Bloodhound event. However, the PC launcher for EA Origin was refusing to get online access. This led to my heading to Twitter to see numerous players all having the same problem. However, upon looking into it more, it seems like the issues have now been going on for hours. I held off reporting on it, hoping it’d be resolved overnight.

At the time of writing, issues with the services appear to have started around 18 hours ago on April 14. Throughout the day EA Help was tweeting updates, stating they’re still looking into the issues that were leaving many players unable to access their games.

It was then announced that EA had experienced a series of DDoS attacks, however, EA claimed to have resolved the issues. I’m not entirely sure if players were able to jump back into their games at this point.

As it happens though, around when I tried to jump into Apex Legends EA seemed to still be having issues with their services. One user stating that the servers have been down for around 10 hours. Not long ago, the help account said they’re still looking into the issues.

Server downtime isn’t uncommon, especially now that we’re seeing more players jumping on games amid the coronavirus lockdown. People are being advised to stay in and play games as a way to cure boredom from being stuck indoors. Additionally, EA has been trying to push people to #StayandPlay which has resulted in the company hosting giveaways, sharing live streams, and encouraging players to stay home and play its titles such as The Sims 4 and Need for Speed Heat.

At the time of writing, this I was still unable to access Origin…but by the time I’d finished writing this up, the servers appear to be back up and I’m now back online. Whether this will remain the case is another thing.

It’s unclear if the server issues were from an ongoing DDoS attack or just the servers struggling to maintain the increase in player activity, we’ll probably never know. For now, it seems as if everything is back up and running, so I’m going to go play Apex Legends, okay?

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