EA Sports Commits to “High-Level” Changes for Franchise Mode in Madden 22

EA Sports Commits to “High-Level” Changes for Franchise Mode in Madden 22

With Madden 21 set to launch in a few short weeks, the EA Sports team is now promising to finally make changes to franchise mode in Madden 22.

With Madden 21 set to launch later this month, many fans are unhappy at what the team at EA Sports is offering in terms of franchise mode. The fan-favorite mode hasn’t seen notable improvements in years and, earlier this summer, fans made their voices heard on social media. Today, EA Sports provided fans with an update on some of their plans to improve the mode for this season, while also highlighting several commitments they’re making as they look ahead to Madden 22.

For Madden 21, the focus is on producing “two or three” updates to improve the experience. Notably, the team is working on different UI elements, customization options, and various tuning changes. They’re also working on better commission tools that aim to give you more control over your franchise.

The Madden 22 changes are where things get more interesting. Obviously, everything the team has shared is subject to change. However, if they actually deliver things like scouting improvements, better team chemistry, and more, franchise mode might finally get the facelift it deserves.

Importantly, the list of prospective changes includes the long-requested option for relocation and new branding. This would bring back the ability to create your own custom team after moving an existing team to a new location. No word yet on if things like changes to your stadium will also make a comeback. However, you have to assume things like that are on the table.

Madden 21 launches on August 28 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It will also launch on next-gen consoles later this year. We, of course, don’t know when Madden 22 is coming. That said, hopefully, it hits next August with the fully revamped franchise mode fans have been pining for.