EA Sports Game Changers Announced

February 10, 2010

With so much positively exciting things going on with EA lately, it’s quite easy to say that things are looking good for them in 2010.  But apparently they’re not only focusing on releasing more great games, but also giving back to their massive gamer community on existing EA Sports games.  The Game Changers program will allow heavyweights in the EA Sports gaming community to step into the spotlight and be heard on the EA Sports Game Changers Blogs (coming soon).  A select few have already been chosen to represent the community as Game Changers, but so can you!  What’s it take to be a Game Changer?

Game Changers are people who are known in the EA Sports gaming community.  If you haven’t logged into your console much in the last few months, that’s probably not you.  But if you are playing every day with not enough hours in the week to meet up with all your friends (and rivals) as well as perform standard human functions such as eating and sleeping, you might want to fill out the application below:

Becoming an EA Sports Game Changer

Potential Game Changers are nominated by other community members, current Game Changers, and EA Sports personnel who have noted their leadership and their willingness and ability to help others make the most of their EA Sports experience.

Game Changers are independent of EA Sports, with separate opinions and perspectives, and are able to represent the views of the community members with whom they engage every day.

For those of you who are interested in becoming an EA Sports Game Changer, send your responses to the following questions to the [email protected] for immediate consideration.

1.      Why do you want to be an EA Sports Game Changer?

2.      What would the EA Sports Game Changers program gain from having you as a member?

3.      What would the EA Sports Community gain from having you as a member of the EA Sports Game Changers program?

4.      What EA Sports games do you currently play?

5.      Is there anything else that you’d like us to consider when reviewing your application?

There will be a new EA Game Changers blog each week.  Game Changers already on the team include Anton Bland who is one of the most active in the community as a gamer and moderator who also takes place in weekly national/local Madden competitions, Jake Stein, Kevin Harley, Fred Barrow, Chris Jacobs, Jeremy Bennett, Damon Peterson, and Joseph Akinbode.  Another notable member of the team Eric Lamontagne who is in the top 5 most active members in the entire EA community, moderater for NHL, Grand Slam Tennis, and EA Sports MMA, as well as a writer for game of the week blogs for EA, CBC, and The Score.

Don’t forget to check apply if you think you have what it takes!  Check out the video of the announcement event here that took place in Miami Florida!

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