EA Sports Hits SSX Fans Off With Free Update, Two New Modes

on August 7, 2012 7:45 PM

EA Sports today announced the availability of a free update for their hit snowboarding title, SSX. The new update features two new modes. The first mode is a competition mode unlike the asynchronus global events. In “3-2-1-Go!”, up to five players will compete simultaneously in either races or trick competitions. The race mode is simple enough, first one to the end wins. In the trick competition, however, the winner will be determined by who can score the highest while still being able to cross the finish line in time.

The second mode, interestingly enough, is just a simple Freeride mode. No competition, no clocks, no goals, just the open mountain and all the time in the world for players to hone their digital snowboarding to perfection. Good on EA for giving this update for free, as it is a bit odd that SSX didn’t have a Freeride mode inherently. Either way, all is good now. Fans of SSX have no reason not to pick the update up.

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