EA Sports MMA Teases Some News

EA Sports MMA Teases Some News

If there is a sports game that I am excited to get my hands on it has to be EA Sports MMA. They have some giant shoes to fill with the explosive success of UFC 2009 Undisputed, but they can be successful if they take that game and build on it. EA has been dropping bits of news every so often though.


Recently EA had the following to say:

Be sure to check out Strikeforce on Showtime this weekend…EA SPORTS MMA will be on the cage mat and on 3 fighter’s shorts

Also…..EA SPORTS MMA will have big news to announce this Saturday (8/15/09) around 3pm EST….stay tuned

I am very curious to find out what the big news is for this Saturday. Will they announce a luanch date? Right now there is no date scheduled for the title other than some time in 2010. Possibly they will announce some more fighters? Although the announcement of Fedor joining EA’s MMA game is probably the biggest they could have had as far as talent. It is good to see that they are already promoting it on Strikeforce, too bad we will never see it on a UFC mat or fighter’s shorts.

What do you think the big news will be?