EA Sports UFC Update #3 Adds New Fighters, The Guillotine Takedown Reversal and More

on October 4, 2014 5:59 PM

EA Sports UFC fighters your battle is about to get even bigger because EA Sports has announced two new fighters and additional content will be add for your gaming pleasure.

According to EA Sports, the new moves the Guillotine Takedown Reversal which is only available to fighters who can perform a Guillotine choke from Full Guard, and the Finish the Fight 2.0 finishes off a rocked opponent, running them down across the Octagon with a flurry of punches once they’ve been wobbled will be made available “soon”, along with new gameplay and in-game animation improvements which will spice up takedowns and strikes when a fighter is low on energy.

It was also announced that Welterweight Division fighter Gunnar Nelson and Middleweight fighter Tim Kennedy will join the roster along with Middleweight fighter Nick Diaz.

While EA Sports did not announce a release date for Update #3, however a video was released that further details everything that’s coming with the update which include the following:

  • Takedown Variety: More variety added to takedowns based on denial and input times. Perfect takedowns will now end in Half Guard, while late denials or inputs will end in Full Guard.
  • Slips: Back slips will now hold longer to avoid strikes and side slips now have improved evasive properties.
  • Fatigued Kicks: New animations now added for fatigued kicks during health events or low stamina.
  • Nick Diaz in Middleweight Division: Silva vs. Diaz might still be four months off, but with Nick now available for play in the Middleweight division, you can start matching them up immediately. Manual Taunts have never been so useful.

For further details, check out the video below.

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