EA Talks PlayStation Neo, Project Scorpio and Possible Almost Infinite Extension of the Console Cycle

EA Talks PlayStation Neo, Project Scorpio and Possible Almost Infinite Extension of the Console Cycle

During Electronic Arts’ quarterly financial conference call, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson commented about the upcoming release of PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio.

At a macro-level we’re excited about what Sony and Microsoft have announced. The reality for us is, again, in a network world the liquidity of players is really really important. What we’ve seen in the last decade or more with respect to PC gamers is that community has continued to grow. And it’s grown in a world where the hardware refresh cycle has been disconnected from the software refresh cycle and what that meant is that irrespective of what kind of device you have within a seven-to-ten year time frame, you’re able to play with a much much bigger global community.

What we’re seeing now with the mid-cycle refresh is that it’s only going to enhance the size and engagement level inside the community. For us as a publisher, we’re in a very strong place. We’ve been building across platforms and across consoles and for scalable architectures like PC for some time.

So the notion that we can build once an experience that we can scale up and down across an entire spectrum of consoles, whether the first phase, or the second phase or the third phase over time, is not something that is foreign to us and something that we’re very energized about, because again, I think we have strength in the network, we have strength where there is a requirement to build scaled experiences that keep players connected.

So we think this is great for the industry, it will almost certainly extend the console cycle almost to an infinite level if we get to a point where there is just constant hardware upgrades and constant software upgrades. but we’re able through the scaling of  our games to keep the community always together.

The situation Wilson depicts is certainly interesting, for better or for worse. We’ll have to wait and see whether Sony and Microsoft will stop at the first phase, or they will keep updating their hardware in an “almost infinite” cycle going forward.