EA Thinks Digital Sales Will Dominate Physical This Year

According to EA CEO John Riccitiello, digital games sales will overtake physical sales this year. He doesn’t just mean an App store or XBLA games either, he’s talking full fledged Triple-A titles from the big names.

“I actually don’t think that there’s a lot of mileage in trying to decide exactly how consumers want to buy their entertainment content. They may want to buy it on an iPad; they may want to get it through the social network, they may want to pay for it through micro-transactions and magnetising, or they may want to pay for it all at once.
They may rather pay a subscription price in order to count on what their costs are going to be, but they may want to pay for it all at once and never have to pay for it again. We’re in all of those businesses and I think the way this is going to work is that the models that the consumers like the most are going to grow the most.”

Personally I kind of doubt it. I have no doubt in my mind that purchasing games online through an outlet like Amazon is definitely going to be become the primary means of purchasing games, but I think there are too many people (like myself) who would prefer to have a digital copy. I can’t loan a friend my digital game, I can’t trade or sell it to somebody (a store or a friend), and I just don’t think the digital market can keep up with physical media in terms of sales.

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