EA Trademarks Jade Empire: What Does This Mean?

EA files for a trademark for Jade Empire -- the same name of the action RPG that released almost 15 years ago from Bioware

February 2, 2019

No, you didn’t click on an article from 2005. Electronic Arts Inc. submitted an application for a trademark for Jade Empire on January 22, 2019. The application from EA could mean several things, but here’s to hoping an upcoming Jade Empire project is in the works.

For those unfamiliar with Jade Empire, we’ve got a quick rundown for you. The original Xbox game was made by Mass Effect and Anthem developer BioWare all the way back in 2005. The action RPG was a follow up to their breakout hit Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Though it featured a comparable system to KOTOR, Jade Empire showcased quick movement and actions to give a more dynamic movement with Kung Fu action. Not too long after Jade Empire, EA bought out BioWare in 2007, bringing in the age of the Mass Effect series.


Now what EA plans to do with the acquisition of the Jade Empire trademark is all up in the air still. Of course, this very well could mean EA is just trying to keep their titles intact and protect their acquired IPs. This practice is seen all the time, with big game developers like Nintendo re-acquiring trademarks on all sorts of old titles. And with BioWare anticipating the release of Anthem, it seems that the developer has their hands full at the moment.

However, there’s always the chance for a Jade Empire follow up, or even a remaster for the current generation. It isn’t unheard of that games receive new trademark submissions when they become Backwards Compatible on Xbox One. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to play Anthem in the meantime for a BioWare fix.

Speaking of Anthem, Mass Effect‘s N7 armor is coming to the online shooter. The black and red armor resembles the same look Shepard rocks but designed for the Storm class in Anthem. Still, this armor could very well convince some Mass Effect fans to jump into Anthem. Also, Bioware’s Casey Hudson mentioned that the upcoming Dragon Age game would be built from the ground up as a Dragon Age game. Saying that the Anthem story model will not influence Dragon Age‘s narrative elements and single-player storytelling.

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