Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water Coming to Steam in May

Exactly how much motivation do you need to drink a glass of water?

Have you ever wanted to buy a game from Steam and watch someone drink water because of your purchase? Thanks to this new game Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water you finally can. The game is to become available as an early access title next month where it will remain in early access for exactly one year.

The game seems to feature photorealistic scenes of who I imagine is the creator at Bmc Studio, the developer and publisher behind the title. The character sits at a table with a glass of water and takes a drink. With each purchase of the game, new scenes will be added through updates that are planned to go live each Friday should any purchases come through. With each update, the notes should specify how many clips have been added.

It’s noted that the game can only work through early access, so my understanding is that when the game ends its early access period it’ll feature however many clips it made from sales during early access with no new additions. The developer states, that the final version “will have way more clips”. At current, the early access version only has an intro and 3 clips of the character drinking water. Additionally, the clips can be played in a non-linear order.

At current, there doesn’t seem to be a price specified for Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water, but the developer does say that the price should stay the same throughout early access. However, the early access notes do read “we will see what happens! The game will get bigger at every sale!” so there may be potential for the price to bump up through the process.

It doesn’t seem as if the game is centered around drinking water, as Bmc Studio states that the community can request the character to do random stuff in future clips. Suggestions can be made either through leaving a review or in the community post.

Those looking on getting the game when it launches on May 1, 2020 will need to ensure they have 1.5Ghz processor or better with 1GB of RAM and 2GB of available space. Otherwise Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water should work on almost any PC. Annoyingly, there looks to be dialogue available in the game but there are no subtitles or captions present which kind of ruins the experience for me.

Will you be keeping your eyes on this game to see how to winds up in 12 months when it launches fully? Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water is slated to launch on PC only with no console launch specified.

Just as a precaution for those who can’t read blunt sarcasm, yes I know this is a joke, but it’s a very real Steam page and rather strange. Bmc Studio is also known for creating similar games in the past which seem to all be random videos that have been slightly gamified. It’s an interesting thing to see considering it’s not your typical video game, in fact, the previous games all seem like interactive YouTube videos put onto the Steam platform.

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