Eagle Flight Trophies Include Platinum, Multiplayer, Collectibles

on November 6, 2016 1:26 PM

A full list of Eagle Flight trophies on PlayStation 4 has been detailed thanks to PSN Profiles. Ubisoft’s upcoming PlayStation VR title has thirty-five trophies, divided between a platinum, four gold, ten silver, and twenty bronze.

First of all, the four gold Eagle Flight trophies require the player to travel over 1,609km, complete the final chapter, gather every collectible, and earn three stars on every challenge. There are five multiplayer trophies total, with one requiring the player to win 200 games of multiplayer, another to eliminate 1000 enemies, deliver three prey back to the nest in a single match, deliver 100 prey to the nest, and be the first to catch a prey.

Remaining Eagle Flight trophies are broken up between completing certain chapters, gathering collectibles in each district, and completing the same, “do [x] this many times,” trophies found in most games. You can read the full list below:

Trophy Listing:


  • Ruling the Roost: Collect all other Trophies


  • Well-Traveled: Fly for 1,609 km total
  • The Sky Is Yours: Complete the Eiffel Tower chapter
  • Magpie: Gather every collectible in the game
  • Champion: Earn 3 stars on every challenge


  • Well-Fed: Win 200 games in multiplayer
  • Ruler of the Underworld: Earn 3 stars on every Tunnel challenge
  • Loyal Companion: Earn 3 stars on every Escort challenge
  • Hot Wings: Earn 3 stars on every Ring challenge
  • Feathering the Nest: Earn 3 stars on every Feather Rush challenge
  • Death From Above: Earn 3 stars on every Enemy Attack challenge
  • Dark Night: Defeat the Grim Falcon
  • Catch of the Day: Earn 3 stars on every Find the Fish challenge
  • Apex Predator: Eliminate 1000 enemies in multiplayer
  • A Bird In Hand: Earn 3 stars on every Chase challenge


  • Two Birds with One Stone: Eliminate 2 enemies with one Screech Wave
  • Top of the Food Chain: Eliminate 50 falcons
  • Scavenger: Eliminate 100 vultures
  • Scarecrow: Complete the Basilica chapter
  • Out of the Belfry: Eliminate 50 bats
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Pantheon: Gather every collectible in the Pantheon district
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Notre-Dame: Gather every collectible in the Notre-Dame district
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Louvre: Gather every collectible in the Louvre district
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Eiffel Tower: Gather every collectible in the Eiffel Tower district
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Basilica: Gather every collectible in the Basilica district
  • Hat Trick: Deliver 3 prey back to your nest in one multiplayer match
  • Free Bird: Complete the Pantheon chapter
  • Fly Like An Eagle: Complete the flight tutorial
  • Feeding Frenzy: Deliver 100 prey to your nest in multiplayer.
  • Far Cry: Eliminate an enemy from over 500 meters away
  • Early Bird: Be the first eagle to catch the prey in multiplayer
  • Eaglet: Complete the Notre-Dame chapter
  • Birdie: Finish an enemy attack with one less Screech Wave than targets
  • Bird of Prey: Complete the Louvre chapter
  • And Now His Watch Has Ended: Eliminate 80 crows
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