Eagle Island Soars Close to Kickstarter Goal with Less Than Three Days Left

Eagle Island Soars Close to Kickstarter Goal with Less Than Three Days Left

The charming looking platformer Eagle Island is currently running down the hours until the end of its Kickstarter. Creator Nick Gregory is looking for £20,000 (approx $25,000 USD) to be able to fund the creation of the game. With about 2.5 days left until the end of the campaign, it’s looking like the British developer is going to make the goal. Of course, these things are never guaranteed but it helps that the game itself looks very appealing.

The story centers around Quill and his pet owl, Koji. The young boy is a skilled falconer (or is it ‘owler’ in this case?) and he shares a special bond with his feathered friend. But when a large, mythical eagle named Armaura steals quills other other, Ichiro, it’s up to him to explore this strange island and rescue his friend.

Eagle Island plays as a procedurally generated platformer with a unique battle mechanic. You’re able to send out Koji to attack in 8 directions, but when you do so, Quill is left defenseless. And, if you miss with your trusty owl, it will take longer for him to come back meaning that you’ll have to run and avoid enemies until you can attack again. This will make strategically planning your strikes a must.

But there will be magical feathers that will help Koji become an even better weapon. These elemental artifacts are said to have come from 3 mystical birds, or totems, that are also in danger of being captured by Armaura. Magira, Icora, and Zephara represent fire, ice, and wind respectively.

These feathers will imbue Quill’s owl with new attack properties. Icora’s power, for instance, allows Koji to soar through multiple enemies at once. These abilities aren’t free however, and you’ll need to perform combos to keep on replenishing your gems to attack more.

There is a demo of Eagle Island available for those looking to play before they pay. The game is planned for a release on PC, Mac, and Linux for a tentative date on July 2018. The graphics and SFX are delightfully retro while the soundtrack and gameplay feels modern and polished. The campaign ends on 

The Kickstarter trailer is available below: