Early Access Game The Stomping Land No Longer for Sale on Steam

Early Access Game The Stomping Land No Longer for Sale on Steam

Looks like the worst nightmares of The Stomping Land fans are coming to fruition, as the game became no longer available for purchase on Steam today.

After completing a successful Kickstarter and raising over $114,000 in 2013, developer SuperCrit went completely dark in June, providing no new updates to the game. Fan outcry on the forums and in Steam reviews went unanswered for some time and even their official PR/community manager quit due to difficulties communicating with the development team.

It was only last month when developers from SuperCrit stated to Kotaku that development had not ceased, and that the prolonged silence was due to converting the game to Unreal Engine 4. The game’s Steam page – which is still live – no longer listed the game for sale as of today, effectively signaling an end to development on the game.

This unfortunate turn of events not only smudges the reputation of Early Access, but also marks yet another Kickstarter game that will not be able to fulfill its promise. There is no indication at this time that users will be refunded on Steam, standing as another case of “buyer beware” when regarding the risks of using your money to fund games that are in active development.

The Stomping Land was set to be a PC exclusive multiplayer title where players hunted dinosaurs to survive. We will update this story if we hear any news regarding the halt of sales.