Early The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Livestream: “No Frame Rate Drops,” “Gorgeous;” Check It Out Here

Early The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Livestream: “No Frame Rate Drops,” “Gorgeous;” Check It Out Here

The Last of us Remastered is already out in the wild, and Twitch user Jgdogg is already streaming it. He got it at Walmart apparently: there were five copies of the game in the basket. He simply took two of them to the register and actually managed to purchase them without a hitch.

According to Jgdogg there have been “no frame rate drops” that he could notice. He also mentioned that he played Tomb Raider on ultra setting on PC and it’s “pretty damn comparable” in visuals. The exact wording he used to define the game was “fuc*ing gorgeous” and “absolutely crazy how good this looks.”

While it’s the weekend and Sony’s watchful eye may be a little distracted, it’s very possible that the stream will be banned soon, but we’ll update the post with any information Jgdogg will share during the stream.

  • All leaves and foliage are “gorgeously rendered.”
  • Character models are highly polished and better than the original, especially Joel’s beard.
  • When you turn on the flashlight the sound comes out of the DualShock 4’s Speaker.
  • You activate crafting with the touch pad.
  • When you’re almost dead the DualShock 4’s light becomes red.
  • There are no very visible jaggies.
  • The game takes a full whopping 50 gigabytes of hard drive space.
  • It takes 55 seconds to install the game before you can start playing.

Update: the livestream ended, but you can check out 47 screengrabs I saved for your perusal.

Update 2: The livestream is back up. Looks like he’ll keep livestreaming on and off for a while, or at least until Sony notices. If you find it offline and want to see more, you may want to check back later.