Early Titanfall Xbox One Owner Shares Details, Describes New Weapons and More (UPDATED)

on March 8, 2014 6:32 AM

The Xbox One version of Titanfall is already in the hands of a few lucky gamers, and Reddit user FlammenwerferIV has been sharing his discoveries.

First of all he mentioned that gameplay mechanics feel pretty much like the beta version of the game:

From what I can tell, everything seems to be the same from the beta. The guns still seem to do the same amount of damage. Leveling also seems to go at the same rate as it did in the beta. Been playing for two hours and I’m already level 10 from playing mostly Attrition.

EDIT: Actually, my in-game time states that I’ve spent 2 hours 14 minutes playing. I’m currently level 15.

Then he continued by giving his impressions on the looks of the maps:

I actually like all of the maps I’ve played. They all have good layouts and just generally look good. Out of all of them, my favourite is definitely Airbase. It’s a nighttime map with two levels and it plays fantastically. It also looks gorgeous.

We also get an overview of the modes available and of the campaign, in addition to a more detailed description of the “Pilot Hunter” mode:

For playlists, it goes

  • Attrition
  • Last Titan Standing
  • Hardpoint
  • Capture the Flag
  • Pilot Hunter
  • Variety Pack (basically a moshpit playlist)

Campaign mode is pretty neat. I didn’t manage to play much of it but it works well in what it does. Respawn has found a great balance in trying to tell a story in a multiplayer match.

I have only played the first “mission” but the story is pretty immersive from what I watched/played. I wish I had more to say but it is insanely difficult right now to get into a campaign match.

My favourite pilot weapon so far is the standard Carbine with iron sights and suppressor. I don’t have many weapons unlocked at the moment. For titans, I really like the 40mm cannon.

It works pretty much the same as Attrition, except only pilot kills will count toward your team’s score. Killing Grunts and Spectres will still give you XP and time off for your titan, but no overall team points. It tends to last a bit longer than Attrition, so if you’re looking for a longer TDM-style mode, go here.

Looks like Respawn has sneaked in a few weapons that weren’t listed on the official site, here’s a description:

For primary weapons, yes, there is one that is not listed on that website. It is called the Kraber-AP Sniper and it is unlocked at level 44. It “ensures ‘one-shot, one-kill’ results against human-scale targets.”

For Anti-Titan weapons, again, one more that is not listed. It’s called the Charge Rifle and is unlocked at level 33. It “fires an energy beam that inflicts massive damage. Holding the firing trigger charges the weapon.”

All of the sidearms on the site are in-game. There are no hidden sidearms.

All of the Ordnances that are on the site are in-game as well. No hidden weapons here either.

Apparently, at least from what we hear from FlammenwerferIV, the evac scenario that we’ve seen in the beta is still the only epilogue for multiplayer matches.

I have only encountered the evac epilogue scenario. I don’t think there are any other types of Epilogues.

As a final bonus, we get some more information on the monsters that have been teased for a while. As expected the large ones don’t enter the maps, but apparently the winged smaller monsters in the Boneyard map can be ridden.

Firstly, I haven’t used a Zipline yet. : ( Secondly, yes, I have seen the humongous creatures in a certain map. I forget which one, unfortunately. However, they are located outside of the map so you cannot interact with them from what I can tell.

Update: unfortunately FlammenwerferIV confused a zipline with the ability to ride the monsters. Turns out it isn’t possible to ride them.

Okay, nevermind. The Ride prompt was for the zipline. It was just really close to the winged creatures that I assumed it meant you could ride them. Sorry guys.

His original mention is below.

Actually, I’m fairly certain that you can ride the winged creatures. I just played Boneyard and they were all around inside the map. When I jumped near one it gave me a prompt to “Ride”.

And right now, I can’t say any more about the winged creatures simply because I haven’t been able to get into that many games. Like I said, there aren’t that many people playing online right now, and I can’t go into a private match.

Looks like Respawn held some surprise in reserve for us with the release version of Titanfall. If you’re not one of the lucky gamers that got it earlier, there are only three days left to wait before the official launch date.

Below you can see the pictures shared by FlammenwerferIV as evidence that he actually owns the game. If you want to see plenty leaked screenshots and videos of the game, you can check them out here.

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